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Hi there! Welcome to my channel. My name is Vy and I'm an energy healer living in Brussels, Belgium. I'll share content on all things esoteric, mystic, energetic, cosmic, healing, etc, both from me and from others. If you like any of it, give me a follow, a comment or a direct message and I'll gladly reply. Enjoy! Intuitive Energy & Sound Healer Blue Crystal Storm Chi Nei Tsang * Jikiden Reiki * Sound Healing Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Crystal Healing

Helping naturally-minded people heal digestive and autoimmune issues without medications, and 10x faster.

♾♾ Lightworker through my #openyoureyes photography and book ♾♾

Love and peace of mind🌼🌻🌼

Patrick Lemarié Consulting French Teacher & Translator https://patrick-lemarie-consulting.com/en/ I'm present on STEEMIT @patrickLemarie https://tinyurl.com/ya2jwrpo https://steemit.com/ A BRIDGE BETWEEN CULTURES AND LANGUAGES I have been accompanying my clients for about thirty years to help them develop their business internationally, as a specialised translator and interpreter, a trainer and a cross-cultural coach. My goal is to help my clients understand the French culture and communicate better, so they can be more effective in their business. I have an international background and have worked in different locations in Europe as a company trainer, translator and interpreter. I speak fluent English as my mother tongue, as well as Spanish and German. Apart from my linguistic and cross-cultural skills I am keen on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I also post on STEEMIT @patricklemarie I love singing, meditation, yoga and swimming in the sea #French #English #Translation #OnlineTeaching #Cross-cultural #FRANCAIS

• S. Jarvis • ✨ Light • 💓 Love • 🌱 Plants 🍃 Sabai Sabai Botanicals 🍃 ✨Awakening of Collective Consciousness ✨ • What you IMAGINE you CREATE. • • What you THINK you BECOME. • • What you FEEL you ATTRACT. • ☯️ Subscribe and we can all grow together 🕉 #universe #love #plants #animals #nature #art #photography #meditation #spirituality #awareness #lightworker #positivevibes A few of my favorite fellow Minds @lillybet @chesschats @mizantroop @r3k4b @aloneinthewoods

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Nov 2018
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