*Edit I'm a He/Him *Edit end There are a lot of eyes and a lot of minds looking through them. People are often silently noticing things and some of you think you are wasting your time and being ignored (maybe). About me? I could share the usual boring details but who cares unless you know me then you should already know and if you don't, then you don't truly know me do you? Okay, I'm a single guy living a rather solitary life, just trying to make it through the madness like everyone else. I hate politics but I find myself forced to give a damn more than I want, dammit. I don't like religion but I am okay with you being different on that and that leads me to this other fact which is that I love diversity in everything (thought, beliefs, race, things enjoyed, culture, etc). I actually think there is strength in diversity and often am disheartened by how often I see people giving that power away through division. I do not like hate, I hate it, lol. Hating hate is not hate. ;) This of course is not meant like "I hate sports" or "I hate politics" (I do hate both, lol). You know what I meant. I do have strong feelings on some things but that's another topic. The unusual (in anything), horror films, rock & metal music are things I love but I am an across the board guy. I like something in most genres and aspects of life but of course I have favorites. BTW, as for books, favorite authors are H.P. Lovecraft and Daniel Quinn.
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Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States
Aug 2017
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