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www.GeopoliticsAlert.com We promise: - A reliable alternative to the mainstream pro-intervention media narrative. - No hyper-sensational or click-bait headlines. - No accusations or speculations that can't be proven. - No corporate funding or ties to media conglomerates.

Every problem has a solution, most have several and you don't have to pick just one. When you connect the dots they lead inexorably to the fundamental causes of all our problems. We don't have democracy because corruption is legal. The power brokers maintain the status quo by polarizing everyone with the same divide & conquer tactics that have worked for centuries. Social media gives us a revolutionary opportunity to bypass mainstream propaganda and find ways to work TOGETHER to solve our most serious problems. Humans didn't reach the top of the food chain by competition alone. Human progress also required COOPERATION. #MakeCorruptionIllegalAgain

I am a tinkerer, ethical hacking enthusiast, crypto enthusiast and tech geek. I am starting an ethical hacking channel and hope to make minds.com my new home.

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https://Truth4Free.com Kelly L. Derricks, proud daughter of a deceased Vietnam Veteran and one of the most well known Agent Orange activists in the United States, has spent her life fighting on behalf of Veterans and their families who have been hurt, damaged, or abandoned by a country that once depended on their service. The current Vice President of March Against Monsanto International and co-founder of Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance, Kelly serves as a dedicated educator through MAM and her independently founded social media network, Truth Teller. She educates millions of people on everything from the plight, and needs, of Veterans and their children, to the ongoing deadly legacy of Monsanto, the largest manufacturer of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Her father, Harry C. Mackel Jr., passed away at age 37 due to his exposure to Agent Orange, when Kelly was just 7 years old. The inter-generational effects of Agent Orange on thousands of Children of Vietnam Veterans, “COVVs”, like Kelly have been well documented, yet the United States government refuses to recognize nearly all of them as being caused by Agent Orange — a situation Kelly has worked tirelessly to change. Over the years, Kelly's work has focused on connecting the dots between Monsanto's control of the food system and the widespread harm, death, and destruction the company (with the support of the United States government) has caused to millions of people worldwide, especially the children of Vietnam Veterans. October 2015, after more than four years of serving as President, Kelly made the heart wrenching decision to retire from COVVHA. Kelly’s retirement was a result of her ongoing battle with more than 40 diseases, many of which are believed to have originated from her father's Agent Orange exposure. She continues to use her platform to speak out on behalf of the voiceless, educating at rallies and on both local and national TV, in her trademark fiery “tell it like it is” style.

Underground, Off Grid
Mar 2018
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