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Mind, with a making.
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Software Engineer I'm here to remind, post and talk about anything that interest me, I love music and nature you're free to remind my activities welcome to my channel
Scrambled thoughts for cracked minds. Abounding in curiosity, typically sceptical, seeking truth, with an open mind, mostly ;) BTW, generally, if I "Like/Dislike" or "Comment" on something, I try to "Remind", so that greater exposure and therefore expanded discussion, knowledge, appreciation, thought, etc. can be had. (I also "Remind" items that may be of interest, but which I haven't had time to explore, yet.) ----------------------------- I post this often in comments, so probably worth mentioning here, as well: Resist buy-in of divisive identities! The very few who actually run things use "divide & conquer" to rule: Skin colour, Religion, Mask/Free-breather, Knowledge, Education, Nationality, Language, Sexuality, Gender, Age, Family/Marital status, Regional pride, Political views, Customs, Access, Fandom, Fame, Economic Status, Employment, etc. ↪ What divides us is what subjugates us. ↩ The only way to truly overcome is thru Unity, Appreciation of Unique talents, perspectives we ALL bring to the world, not in competition but cooperation w/ Respect for inherent Humanity of All. Freedom to have & express different ideas is crucial, together w/ the need to be at peace w/ others holding differing ideas. Each individual is free to hold his/her own beliefs, so long as they DO NOT seek to impose them on others. Freedom & Respect for each individual MUST coexist or neither will. Humanity as a whole is far greater than the groups w/ which we've been conditioned, thru generations of propaganda, indoctrination, peer pressure & coercion to identify. Each human being is an individual, capable of Amazing Good & Appalling Evil. Each is walking his/her own path. Respect innate Value of Every human. Sympathize, empathize & encourage everyone in their journey to be the best they can be, to avoid hate, indifference, division & strife, so all humanity, individually working for good, will be ever-better going forward. Stay free. Seek Unity. Forgive ignorance. Spread knowledge, w/ Love ----------------------------- It's easy to be stubborn in things of little risk of consequence. If only more people would be stubbornly against the erosion of Individual Rights & Freedoms caused by the installation of the Hyper-Orwellian Totalitarian Technocracy being justified under the "virus" hoax 🙉😷🙈 “’Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.” – F. A. Hayek “The Creation of a False Pandemic” by Jon Rappoport “Masks Are Destroying Your Brain, and It’s Worse For Kids.” by Neurologist Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson “The Systematic Demolition of the Human Psyche” by David Icke “Is This Torture?” by Amazing Polly “Conclusion Regarding Masks: They Do Not Work” by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny “Statement On Virus Isolation” by Dr. Kaufman et al - - Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!! - - - - - - - - Dr. Pierre Gilbert - Contaminating the bloodstream will be enforced by law (1995) Translation from French to English in subtitles: "In the biological destruction there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields. What will follow is the contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind creating intentional infections. This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination mandatory. And these vaccines will make possible to control people. The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will become hosted in the brain cells, which will become micro receivers of electromagnetic fields where waves of very very low frequencies will be sent. And through these low frequency waves people will be unable to think, you'll be turned into a zombie. Don't think this is an hypothesis... this has been done. Think of Rwanda." Covid gene-therapy, not only alters DNA of recipients, but is also rumoured to contain DARPA hydrogel (the liquid crystals mentioned) and sterilizing agents. This combined with the worldwide "essential" roll-out of 5G and other surveillance under the pandemic hoax is exactly what this guy was saying 25+ years ago was going to happen. - - <-Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier has confirmed that there is no chance of
live and treat humans the way you would love to be treated #RadiatePositiveEnergy
Dec 2018
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