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Adding sense and humor to an increasingly senseless and humorless world. Co-Author of Re-Constitute US: To Form a More Perfect Union: Our Merch Store is now open at New items available and more coming soon!
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Just a mama who doesn't have time to give fucks. Gives hugs, baked goods and devoted friendship. I ReMind stuff a lot. I don't always agree with it. Sometimes, it's bullshit or funny or thought-provoking or just ridiculous. However, since i encourage discussion, i ReMind it for others to discuss. I also routinely talk to myself on camera at and beg for shekels here:

I identify as an anthropomorphic bird. My pronouns are: "Ka-kaaah!" "Screeech!" and "Squawk!" You will respect me and my pronouns or I will have you reported for Thought Crime. Be lazy and don't make the effort to harass anyone I make a video on.

YouTube Social Commentator. AntiFeminist. AntiSJW. Egalitarian. Autodidact. Wife. Mama…

17 year old fuckwit who makes youtube videos and 'art'

My chanel is dark to protest the protracted inoperable state of minds.

A Canadian couple with a Podcast. I'm Trans, Trans national. I identify as American

A FUCKING WHITE MALE, egalitarian, anti-feminist, anti-SJW, anti-stupid, shitlord. Got a problem with that? I don't care!

Just another guy pissed off with the LGBT community and the loss of liberty. I also do articles if you're into that sort of thing.

I am A 34 year old from Canada who believes fully in free speech. I like to play games and watch the odd anime, or read the odd manga. I am an introvert in the worst way. I want to meet and talk to people with out fear of being labeled..

Between Here and Then
Aug 2016
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