Scenes by Colleen


Artist, primarily focused on oil painting. I enjoy painting darker, sometimes-spookier, sometimes-surreal scenes. It's hard for me to nail down a specific genre as I've really liked landscapes, spacescapes, creepy underwater creatures, and the little bit of portraiture I've done so far. I'm still learning and growing and so I welcome any and all criticism of my work to help me improve! :) ---------------- ---------------- ----------------
Today's space painting is based on the "Cat's Paw" nebula (or "Bear Claw" nebula - both sound pretty cool but I'm going with Cat's Paw ;)), or NGC 6334. 12x16" oil painting #art #painting #oilpainting #space #astronomy
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New space art from the past week is now up in my Etsy store :) #art #painting #oilpainting #space #etsy
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