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I believe in Jesus and I believe in Buddha and Confucius was pretty smart too. I write poetry and when I retire, maybe I'll write a book.
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Independent coffee geek
Babies Are People. They Are One Of Us.
Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you."
Hello everybody, this channel is of many things; drawing art, writing parodies, taking videos or photos of places I've visited. I'm also a youtuber and I'm on bitchute who likes to do exploration, i hope to gain interest from people subscribing to provide support and help me in furthering the expedition to explore all over the world. I also have Zazzle created to sell my Red Pill Philosophy i created. Most of my drawings i've been creating would go on the products as with my philosophy. The reason i named myself the "red pill samurai" is because i am striving to better my own life and live as well as help teach others too, which is why i created the red pill samurai philosophy.
ฤแปœI PHIรŠU Bแบ C GIANG Hแป’ KO BIEK ฤร‚U Lร€ NHร€ , NHแบฌN ฤร‚M THUรŠ CHร‰M MฦฏแปšN Vร€ CHแปž GรI ฤI CHฦ I
Elements Of Truth
Welcome to my lovely liberal leftist land of subversion, pragmatism, and expediency.
People's NDE Testimonies To Hell & Back
Oklahoma City
Dec 2017
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