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Minds Pro Release Cost Review (Independent Networks Part. 3) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingNov 29, 2019, 12:58:22 AM

Minds Just released the networks “pro “ version of its website. The one thing about the new Minds update that will pop out will be the price.

Although Minds has both monthly and yearly subscriptions to Minds pro you will not find a yearly cost only a monthly breakdown. Currently Minds is (In my view) very expensive coming in at $40 dollars a month for a yearly subscription or around $480 a year. You can also month-to-month at a rate of $50 dollars a month or around $600 dollars a year.

Compared to starting your own website on popular and stable systems like WordPress, Minds is well above par for a small business, WordPress coming in around $28 a month or around $336 dollars a year.

Minds is however is an innovator in a new realm of social marketing, at least in the current market a customized website with branding, blogs, videos and more that is already part of a social media outlet really is something that you can't find anywhere else.

The “pro” site focus or marketing however is more focused on making creators money and I must say this may not be very profit beneficial to smaller channels and users of the network at all. Lets break down some of this just a little:

Minds starts with the promise of $1 for every 1,000 pageviews on your content (increases to $5 between 100K and 1M pageviews/month)

Now in comparison to my channel (A larger one in my view) in 4 years I have broken 9 Million views or about 187,000 views a month or about $187 dollars on average.

Minds is also offering $0.10 for every referred active user to your website on Minds. This would of course have to be generated from outside sources. I’m not even going to take a shoot here as I don’t really advertise other places so this is a fat 0,

Last but definitely not least Minds is offering a 25% commission on all referred sales of Pro or Minds Tokens

Now for a user like myself here and views is where I could make a little money (If I could afford to start anyone have 500 on-chain tokens lmfao) as the setup is pretty innovative and there is a chance to make a profit from simply doing what you do on Minds anyways (If you are a big enough channel) but I digress overall for a user the rates are a little out of range from just creating a webpage or going with a free competitor that may not offer as much but no base fee like BitChute or maybe even a monetized YouTube video.

I think Minds is focusing to much on the larger businesses type channels that could take a chance or afford paying for the service without a gain and not enough on users, the ones who actually make great content and could benefit from this amazing service if it was just a little more competitive to building a website on other services.

I hope to  see competive rates soon and I hope you all enjoyed this blog :)

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