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Independent Networks (Part 2 Upcoming) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingAug 24, 2019, 5:30:57 PM

Minds has pro epics coming that only make me wonder when users will be able to become an independent channels or news networks using similar features that are decentrilzed for self hosting.

Minds Pro is an upcoming package that Minds is planning to intergeate into the system. Minds Pro brings an abundance of "pro" like features for users that want there own network type of set-up.

As seen in the image Minds is promising to bring the following to the network via the Minds Pro package.

Custom domains with subdomains:

In my view this will be similar to paying for a domain that comes pre-installed with something like wordpress only with the Minds pro package. This should include things like creating custom pages, intergrating other open source applications via a root, and genral assembly of a "Minds network"

Unlimited Video Upload:

This is a great feature for podcasts and channels looking to become an independent source of information in general.

High Res Media:

You will also be able to upload high res media files accordingly, im assuming this implies HD resolution of images and media in general but am looking forward to checking out media on my 4k tv.


I would assume you will be able to use the wire function to send actual cash to users or Minds tokens, of course this is just a guess here.

This leads to my questions


Will Minds decentrilzed and open source the pro package so you can host it yourself on your own servers?

Boost Networks??

Will you be able to run your own boost newtowks on your d9main like Minds currenly has as I suggested in my "creating independent networks" blog?


I think this brings a great opportunity to bring some financial stability to the Minds program. I am also a huge open source an decentralized advocate so how can Minds accomplish this? I will use wordpress again as a prime example of this where you can pay for the program to be installed on a payed custom domain or integrate it yourself using the open source code and think Minds could use this tyoe of implementation easily and create a new world if independent social media.


I think that Minds is finally approaching what many agree should have come to pass for some time, and not only integrating this "pro program" into Minds is a great idea but opening it in a mutually beneficial way for users to become true independent networks using the Minds code and resources.

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