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Game Theory 101 (An intro to Game Theory) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingOct 21, 2019, 11:19:46 PM

Every once in a blue moon I write just to write, and this is one of those great times.

For those who subscribe for updates and opinions on Minds issues this blog probably isnt for you, but who am I to complain if you read it anyways?

Not long ago I was poked at for a game theory blog, of course I have related blogs that include the base of game theory but thought why not scribble down another.

Game theory, ... well is just that a theory, it is not a religion or belief (Although in my Minds it is very believable). Game theory is not debunk-able in the world as we know it today and can be applied to any theory we know today.

So by now you're asking, well what is it? And I could go into a bunch of science based answers or just copy and past the definition here, but I won't. I am going to try to explain it in my own eyes and leave it to your imagination on the prospect of what game theory could mean to you.

What is it?

Game Theory, to me means that we are all at the core of our existence nothing more than a program, and my thoughts on this actually started at a pretty young age and can really "turn people off" to you, perhaps there is a you're crazy reflex.

In anycase game theory implies that we as a species and everything that we interact with is nothing more than a code, and responds in a programmed manner. This is not to say everyone is programmed the same.

Intertwined Rules Of Life

As mentioned game theory can be placed in any theory, rule, or religion. So I have come up with my own "game rules" of my own as follows.

Allow anyone to play;

No matter the race, religion, or view on life allow others to play and voice there opinion.

Play fair;

Dont allow bias or personal relationships to conflict with your values or root personality.

Build something;

Make something that is yours and you value that will help you identify who you are.


Join other players "maps" and views, if not to agree then to understand to the best of your ability.

Not that any of these have anything to fo with the following, I just thought id toss that in here somewhere.

Religious Friends

In my younger years I actually talked about the idea a lot in my "high" moments with friends, of course this was way before the wave on the subject was popular or even spoke about. Many of my religious friends abandoned the thought or even me to be honest, but in talks with a Methodist preacher he came to the agreement that god could be an advanced coder, and the afterlife nothing more than our code floating around an endless space of time, however this didn't conflict with the foundation and goal of the gospel.

Of course this is just one persons view in that is in that specific realm of belief, and many would out this blog as the work of the devil.

Coding Friends

Many of my technology based friends just get a kick out of my view on life and everything, maybe I need some #outdoors time but when brought to the point of conception that everything is literally code based on this world from microorganisms to our human counterpart, they say go code yourself, and I reply ill be all the more crispr .

Gaming Friends

My true gaming friends are probably the most accepting of my thoughts as life is a game and why shouldn't it be coded. The question becomes how do you beat the game? Well I dont really have a response to that other than play it, as you can never beat a game without playing it. However I feel that many of the golden rules play a part at beating the game of life.

The End

I honestly couldn't tell you a reason why I wrote this other than I felt like scibbling this down and posting it, but I feel for some reason it needed to be written, maybe I was coded to write this today for some reason somewhere in this universe.

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