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Flat Earth VS Round Earth (One World to Rule Them All) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingFeb 18, 2019, 2:52:28 PM


Well it's time for another blog of an unimportant matter. I know, this subject is old and dated and has lost its pull, but we don't care we just like to write about things every now and again.

So let's begin, I was asked the other day if I think the world is round or flat. My answer of course was why does it matter? I know a lame answer but really why does it matter, in this age and time of space if time and space exist does the shape of our world matter, better yet let me ask you another question do you believe we are one dimensional?


If you're to say yes we are I'd ask you to explain what dreams are if not a dimensional drift of our subconscious, if you're to say no we are not one dimensional, what does the shape of our world matter really in reality? Better yet what is reality really? Well to the best of our current knowledge reality is what is perceived from the observers view. 




So I ask you what have you observed personally, and the answer would most likely be, you cant observe the world personally and independently. Maybe one day we will have a personal spacecraft that can do this but for now we cant personally view the world from a independent perspective but we can make some independent assumptions based on our dimensional presence on the world. 




For the next part of this blog I'm going to argue that the world is a diamond shape, and see if you can prove me wrong.. see you cant right? Not independently anyways and no I don't want a million links to some video or other source proving its round or flat I want you to personally, independently prove it's not a diamond.

Well you would say that's not possible, and I'd say sure it is you have already accepted it's a possibility by accepting we are not one dimensional, or we can exist is other dimensional plans like dreams. In this multi-dimensional field the world could be any shape I observed it as and in my dreams I observe the world as a diamond, independently.




Now if we can all now observe and exist in a dimensional field where the world is any shape of our desire and can agree that this dimensional field is real as it exists in our reality and can be observed than I must ask what does it matter? For in the realm of the game theory any shape or size of the world can exist. As if we are no more than a projection of information that can be manipulated by inputs, any and all things we observe can change including the shape and size of our world.

I dare say your input is flawed at conception as your conclusion supports your data but your data is made because of your conclusion that only one type of world can and does exist, and that we can only be on one of these worlds it seems that both sides have forgotten we are not one dimensional.

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