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Even Minds loves user based systems[Monkey-See] #MindsGaming #OP #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingNov 16, 2018, 5:40:42 PM

Minds has endorsed and encouraged user based tools for years, in fact the wefunder raised over 1 million dollars with the slogan "A community owned social media".

Some of the most useful tools on Minds are in fact user based. Block, subscribe, comment deletion, licensing and more all take direct input from the user to design and manage accounts.

In the past years Minds developers and admins have tossed around user based ideas for moderation, bug reports, open sourced community building and more.

Minds in the past has always wanted to separate themselves from other social media by empowering users and maintaining transparency for the users on the network showing they empower them.

Not long ago Minds was suggested a user based reputation system that was easily gamed to benefit a certain type of user causing and uproar about reputation systems and moderation tools on the network bringing in high moderation and users actually thanking Minds for censorship on the network and telling them what a great job they are doing. Regardless of your opinion on the matter (if or if not they are doing a good job) the point is that this was and never has been the concept of Minds.

Now we are at the point where users are drawing a line in the sand on sides be it on the censorship front or reputation not actually trading and exchanging ideas or solutions to the issues on the network.

Many users like myself have worked directly with admins on the network for years exchanging ideas and solutions to problems from bugs to the open source code and community development.

Not that it is, but in our time on Minds we have both made help blogs on subjects and attacked issues where we see conflict in the original ethos and ideology Minds was built on.

Keep using your user based tools like block, and subscribe and support more user based tools and power. You don't have to agree with our idea for a moderation system for users it would be user based right, who is to say you can't enroll to be moderated by peers and put on a peer based version?

Remember our ideas are to build on, contribute to and improve together as users.

So my question today is simple, looking at other social medias like YouTube, Twitter and so many others that went down the centralized network control flow; do you think users should have power or networks?

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"Censorship is like telling a man he cant have steak because a baby can't chew it"