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A Helpful Guide to Minds Token #MindsGaming

MindsGaming Community Aug 4, 2018, 2:03:40 PM

Welcome to our how to help support the Minds token Blog :)

As everyone should know Minds has released the "Minds token", here is a helpful resource list to help you learn the ins and outs of the Minds Token.

Helpful Blogs

2.) Learn the basics of Minds Token And ETH

3.) Learn about your paraphrase now!

4.) Minds Is NOT Montized

5.) Can't Monetize! - What now?

6.) Converting Minds Tokens To ETH, BTC, And More.

7.) Why Minds Requires Your Phone Number: Privacy and Security

8.) Is Your Mind Now In Crypto Meltdown? Relax, Breath, Learn!

9.) Minds Tokens: What They Are and What They Are Not

More Helpful Links

1.) Rewards

2.) Wire Tokens

2a.)  Offer post boosts

3.) Withdraw from your wallet

4.) Set up and use rewards under users bio

5.) Create memes & user ads for the new token (Get the word out)

6.) Help other users with the new token, don’t be afraid to ask questions yourself.

7.) Minds Token Current Standing

8.) WhitePaper

9.) Crypto launch, new apps and more!

10.) Token 101

11.) Minds Token Blogs

Last Update: Nov 17th 2019