Mezzanine Stairs

Producers of the World's End series – a turn-based strategy game in the genre of Final Fantasy Tactics and XCOM (TRPG/SRPG) featuring dynamic terrain with traps, shoving and obstacles including the bodies of fallen friends and foes.

A game developer from the UK. Known for my RPG 'Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage' and my horror series, Azurael's Circle. Blog: Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage: Donate BTC: 1JLrvKCS9Qy4H1rwp2pF9UreEmkpAtEXzU Donate ETH: 0x93F736A46F0d15f25AccF63237b69797b74E62aD Donate LTC: LLX6ABjgS8ppo9gkPDmTVUkdwSubDLWsNG Donate LINK: 0x93F736A46F0d15f25AccF63237b69797b74E62aD

Here at Shark Tank Productions, we love video games, movies, TV shows, books, music and (almost) everything pop culture. We've started with focusing on the gaming aspect of our page but as time moves on, we'll eventually have more options for everyone! This is purely a hobby for now as we love to do these kind of things simply for the fun but with your help, it could grow into something REALLY amazing, with skits and sketches, more original videos, articles, news and reviews, and much, much more! Watching our videos, sharing them, and getting involved with the Shark Tank community is more than we could ever expect from all of you but if you would really like to help us get moving, any form of donation is greatly appreciated, with a great deal of rewards coming soon. STG also has a video game shop located on our Facebook page if you would like to help us out and grab a great deal for your video game collection/stash. We can also be found on Patreon and other avenues should you wish to further support our work :)

50% of @MezzanineStairs, producers of the World's End tactical RPG series. I create crude artwork, write excessive dialogue, and program crowded percussion tracks.

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I am an engineer by trade, techie by necessity and artist by volition. I currently make films, games, art, fix computers and do gardening. I also build stuff for people sometimes. Check out my videos -

I'm a a hobbyist game designer and writer. Will probably mostly randomly post about things I think about (which can be a bit odd)

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