I'm a a hobbyist game designer and writer. Will probably mostly randomly post about things I think about (which can be a bit odd)
Logged into Twitter to check something only to find out my account's been suspended. No explanation. No response back from support (if it even exists) Guess I'm not using that anymore. Other than that, I'm thinking of doing a video on the insanity of "hate speech" and why all the effort by online platforms to ban it are actually more often turning around and hurting the EXACT people they're supposedly designed to "protect" (I'll probably also touch on how the UK's laws aren't helping their current issues, either) I have some of the clips I want to use in it downloaded, but I need to do a bit more exact research (a lot of what I know is anecdotal and it'd be better if I knew more exact situations to use, though I do have a few well known ones that I know I either should or will touch on)
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