We are all the same, we are human.

My name is Greg. I'm an artist who loves to promote positive community Nature / Freedom / Wisdom Daily inspiration coming your way Follow us

This is the official channel for Minds Radio. Minds Radio. For the Minds community!

Greetings, I am all about the truth. Seeking it, speaking and hearing it, and exposing it. In this day and age of information, to be ignorant is uncalled for and I have little to no tolerance for it. Edith Sitwell says, "I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it." Peace and love fellow truth-seekers!

Anti←capitalist, anti←bankster, anarchist, Im for anything that fucks up the current system!

I plan to release philosophy videos with my huge cleavage out, as soon as I have a stable job. Subscribe to my channel now. I created this channel before I knew I would be able to post videos, so that I could have viewers when I post my first philosophy video. So Subscribe now. I have crazy ideas that will piss people off & confuse them. I have ideas that I have never heard anybody else say. I will make videos on these subjects, as soon as I can trust my job to not fire me over it. Hail Satan. & Satin too because it feels nice. For standard politics: I hate feminism, I hate feminists & I hate the regressive left. I hate the black lives matter movement. I hate Muslims. I'm not right-wing either. I'm sex-positive, anyone who is sex-positive is anti-Muslim & anti-feminist by default. "Sex-Positive" feminists will still beat men over the head with the bullshit concept of sexual objctifation. There is no such thing as a sex positive feminist. They don't like breast implants. They don't like ass implants. They don't like sex. Feminists disgust me. All you get is normal politics for now. I got some really weird shit to post, in videos, later.

A marginally self-aware empath, seeking means for self-expression and learning through life, sex, art, and flow.

Jun 2015
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