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My purpose in life, is to prepare others for the worst, to do things that will keep them as free as possible. Official Home of Antipode Studios! I'm a 37 year old disabled USMC war veteran, with 8 years honorable service, and I develop C# scripts and games for a living now. I have an Associate's degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering from ITT Tech, and a Masters degree in Foreign Affairs from AMU. I have been producing games since 2011, and am currently working on my sixth game, a 3D platformer/RPG called Jack and the Wood Chipper (available September 2020 on Steam and Itch.IO!), and my fourth game, a smaller game in scope called Gravity, a puzzle/adventure game (available ??? 2020 on Steam and Itch.IO!). I love new fans of my work! Donations ARE greatly appreciated, though, and will go directly into making my games the best they can be. Thank you for your endearments, encouragements, criticism, and ideas. This would be MUCH more difficult without your continued support! Next game: TBD soon. SUPER Special Thanks To: @RONIN1, You're a true believer in me. Top Contributors: @MindsGaming @JohnKawas @Unacceptable @kibls @tomtomandt @Aragmar @Willieleev1971 @Hatchetz @TeaFlavoredHarborWater @Lisha @ChachiArcola @TheStrike @cashdaily @DirkLoots @ladyred @rvcsongster @kealoha2u @Leirom @carlric @Marketoff @astralwizardart PayPal Donations accepted at: ❄ AntipodeStudiosDev@gmail.com 🔥 Contributors will be credited with their Minds handle. If you would like to go by another name, please ask me in your thank you post. *Jack and the Wood Chipper and GRAvITY's release format is for PC. Ports will be in the work afterwards! My games use a combination of my original music, and free music I found on the internet, and I fully credit them and other musical artists, legally, and I hope you check them out and give them some love! *All content related to Jack and The Wood Chipper, Gravity, Wasteland: Survivors and Antipode Studios, LLC, unless otherwise specified, is copyright 2017 - 2021 Antipode Studios. All rights reserved. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!
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Jan 2018
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