I'm bringing attention to the comedy and tragedy that is blind leftist/social justice rhetoric, with some form of content possibly coming in the future.

The Artifice Precept is a cross-state progressive metal outfit consisting of Thomas Spaulding (guitar) in California and Jack DeMaio (guitar, production) in Pennsylvania. We produce heavily orchestrated Deathmetal.

Infowars Reporter and Political Activist

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Capitalism doesn't need socialism to function.

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Video content creator. "All about dem keks, bout dem keks, E-drama." @JeffHollandaise

Hello everyone my name its Satsu and i made this channel to discuss a wide variety of topics with people around the world. Here we will discuss everything from gaming, religion, sex, news, feminism, and many more topics that seem to be hot topics in the world today. We focus on a clean and respectful analysis of both sides of the discussion. There will be more information to come in the future so i hope you guys enjoy the content!!!! My YouTube Channel! My Gaming Channel Join The Satsu Nation On Facebook!! Follow Me on Twitter!!! Support Me on Patreon Check out My Merchandise

Rob Dyke
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Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. 

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Youtube tryna shut me down, gotta pop back up ya kno?

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i'm that loud girl with FAS from youtube and what is this

Sep 2016
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