Hi My name is Kim Wilson and my channel is dedicated to helping victims of narcissistic abuse get free and stay free. Please feel free to join the group Surviving Narcissistic Abuse here at

Greetings, I am all about the truth. Seeking it, speaking and hearing it, and exposing it. In this day and age of information, to be ignorant is uncalled for and I have little to no tolerance for it. Edith Sitwell says, "I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it." Peace and love fellow truth-seekers!

Hi! I make Stuff! Have a look:

Self-loathing narcissist, hedonist, nihilist, misanthrope, anti-social, ambivalent, dual, egoist, egotist, egocentrist. Cynical, skeptic, lazy, uncaring, stubborn, procrastinator, contrarian, impatient, short-tempered, tough to please. I try to let people know all my flaws, my "bad" traits so they know what they're getting into. That way the only ones that stick around to find out my good traits are thick-skinned people. I do this because of the times we live in. The age of over-sensitive, feelings over facts and reason snowflakes that my generation subscribes to has drained me mentally and thus I caved in and I, myself, subscribed to their trigger warning philosophy to lessen our interaction and gain respite. I'm not just another brick in the wall, i'm the fucking sledgehammer. I am the coldest gray morning, the first yawn of reason. I care for nothing and everything at the same time. I’m keeping it together while falling apart. I drink damnation and I raise my glass to life, love, sex and existence in the face of the ever looking presence of the grim fucking reaper. But despite the fact that i’m a swirling black hole of chaos, I’m still the most amazing being you will ever know in this fleeting glimpse called existence.

I challenge myself to become good artist :D

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Mar 2017
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