A channel dedicated to making my own low-to-no-budget films. Special Thanks to the Following People: @SmilerGrogan Wired me a total of 21 tokens. Thank you so much for your generosity! You are my top patron, which makes you a Saint and a Scholar! @RoxieD For an incredible wire of 20 tokens to help me with Boost. Thank you, you wonderful person. @Aragmar Wired me 5 tokens for I don't know why. But he writes wonderful novels that you can actually get on Amazon! Please check them out! @TheGarbageMan Wired 5 tokens to help with Boost! Thank you so much! Your channel is funny and awesome! @Fishman Wired me 2 tokens. Incredible person with a heart of gold and a mind the size of the cosmos! Thank you, kind sir! And everyone, please check his channel! @delastman Wired me my very first token. I will cherish it forever!

Everything is fodder for the spiritual commons

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For you.

Michael Angelou
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despite all my rage I am still still just a rat in a cage

I am an Actor-Producer-Writer. I fund movie productions. And I am most interested in making Science Fiction or Christian Films. Shameless plug: I’m starting a Development fund for commercial films with a Christian message. We are looking for investors to make up the last 5% of our fund budget.

Talk about music lovers 😊😊 am one of them, movies count me in, ready to catch cruise 😉😉😉

I am a politician, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. I love to help people, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

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children are the salt of the world.

Aug 2018
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