Just a homeless Irish/Cajun American wandering this great country trying to follow the path of God and sharing the crazy content I make in my free time. God bless you all!
The Best Playlist In Town
Babies Are People. They Are One Of Us.
People's NDE Testimonies To Hell & Back
Headmaster @ ZOGwarts School of Bankcraft & Merchantry High Priest @ Priory of Learned Elders of Zyklon THIS CHANNEL WILL NEVER BE MONETIZED
Are YOU free? Are you free of your cultural conditioning? Are you free of the systematic brainwashing you have been subjected to your whole life? Did you ever wonder WHY "The News" is broadcast three times a day, every day? Are these few global corporations providing you THE TRUTH every day out of the goodness of their warm little hearts? Is the "official story" the REAL story? NOPE. Up is Down Black is White War is Peace We live in an Orwellian Nightmare, and it is in the process of getting worse. MUCH worse! Fasten you seat belts and strap on your crash helmet! Its going to be a WILD RIDE!
Exposing The Truth About The Music Industry
CC Airdrops is my crypto Airdrop platform for Free Cryptocurrency. We are on YouTube, and many other new social media platforms . Fecbook, YouTube and 3 other New platforms. My links are posted below. Also part of the Current movment against the global elite
I smoke trees unapologetically. Gas and smart ass shit, all me... Blue Sound of color Tint of sunder What does water taste like? I need to learn more about haikus before I try to write one... or is it the right one? It was a “high” coo
Romanian Ortodox Fascist
Aug 2018
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