Hip hop artist exposing the criminality and illegitimacy of government and spreading the philosophy of true Anarchy under Natural Law.

The goal of The Secret Kindergarten is to get you to receive the keys from young children that open doors or pathways to understanding Natural Law so you can live in harmony with the universe, and have a brighter future for you and your family. The Secret Kindergarten aims to get you to operate from your intuitive mind and interact with your children in this state so you can receive these keys and these messages. We will be talking about discovery, not talking about belief.

My name is James Cordiner. I am the host of "A Hitchhiker's Guide to Truth" find it wherever you get your podcasts. I am also the creator of check in there for more The podcast includes topics such as Anarchy, Natural Law, The Occult, Spirituality, current events and much more.

"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.” Anarchist podcaster, natural law teacher, heavy metal guitar player.

Legge Naturale, Anarchia, Demistificazione dell'Occulto e Altre Soluzioni per Liberarci dalla Schiavitù

Nov 2018
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