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Pray & Prepare 2

Reverend HollidayNov 15, 2021, 10:28:48 PM

Pray & Prepare 2

I have been meaning to post this for some time now and I keep getting sidetracked with life issues. This is not something I could stall for any longer because the Spirit in me keeps urging me to say it. This post will be about America and God, so if you are an American or Christian then please take the time and read. I will also be touching on some delicate topics that I am certain will trigger quite a few people. I will be challenging your system of beliefs.

Some of you read my "Pray & Prepare" blog post - it is posted on my main channel wall. This will be a follow-up because I believe God is telling me something very profound about America's future. Take the time or scroll on. You are under no obligation to read this, but I implore you to read this and take it seriously. 

I am not a prophet nor do I claim to be a prophet. Please do not misunderstand these posts. I am more of a history buff that sees current events as repeated history. Today I am not referencing communism although communism is the enemy that is overcoming America. I am actually referencing a common connection between the nations of Israel, Judah, and America. As a nation we are facing destruction.

I love the Bible and the Old Testament because of the history and how it paints a picture of the human heart and God's perfect love. I find a lot of similarities between people today and people then. America seems to be repeating the history of the Old Testament and nations like Judah and Israel. Israel was a divided nation that was given the promised land, but they despised the God that gave it. America was founded as a Christian nation, but we no longer honor or fear the God that gave us this country.


Each generation of those ancient nations became more anti-God than the next. The kings more wicked than their predecessors. There were a few times that certain kings repented and led their nation to repent, but each time the people and its leaders fell into wickedness they were eventually conquered by their enemies or suffered great peril.

Why did they turn away from God? They loved sin more than God. That is the human heart. They reveled in that sin, worshipped idols, and mocked the God that gave them their land. God showed great patience and mercy until His people repented. God showed no mercy to those that pushed the limits. 

Babylon, Persia, Philistine, and Rome are just a few of the nations that conquered the people of Israel. The Israelites faced annihilation and/or enslavement many times and every time that they cried out for salvation and repented - God saved them. True stories. God even showed mercy to non-Jewish nations that repented and turned to him (Nineveh). God's love is for all nations and all peoples, but God hates sin.


God exists and he is not happy with America. We have been warned. We are on the road to destruction. With the fall of America will come the fall of the world. There will be nowhere safe to run or escape.

How did we come to this? We rejected God with progressiveness and humanism and it escalated beyond that. Once it infiltrated our education systems we were doomed as a nation. Prayer and the 10 Commandments were eliminated from our society based on a lie perpetrated about a Thomas Jefferson' quote. A quote NEVER intended for misinterpretation, yet it was and is still used as a means to violate the very thing it claims to protect. Ironic really. Just another truth we have traded for a lie.


Abortion became law and the blood of innocents has filled the streets of every part of America. Today it is more common to hear the name of Christ blasphemed by actors on the screen than preached in a church. The media and educational systems are now normalizing child rape and racism. Should I go on? How deep do we have to sink into the depths before we realize we are drowning?

In 1925 one ruling would impose a system of beliefs that were unprovable as scientific facts, yet promoted as science and fact, and in turn we abandoned everything we knew and accepted about God. The one thing that Communism cannot stand against, is the belief in God through Christ. Christianity breaks the chains of socialism and communism because they cannot collaborate or survive together. One must cancel out the other. In communism you are part of a collective and your life is meaningless in comparison to that collective. The state is a god. 

Christ teaches us that we are special - that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving creator. He taught us that we were worth saving by His sacrifice and death on the cross. He loved us that much to leave heaven and live amongst those that despised him, and yet he still died a gruesome and painful death for us. He also did not stay dead. He rose again. 

This is why communism and Christianity cannot exist together. God needed to be removed, so our Christian values would disappear and we could become vulnerable to communism. There is no individualism in communism - you are not special. This indoctrination was necessary for communism and has led to the destruction of our constitutional republic. 


Are you ready to have your world rocked to its foundations? Here it comes. Do not say I did not warn you.

Communists knew that Christianity stood in its way to overcoming American values and moral standing. They needed a way forward and what better way forward than through "science". We trust scientists more than God even though God created science. Evolution was a necessity and part of the Communist plan. There it is. I said it.


Evolutionary theory (the theory taught as science - that God does not exist and did not create the universe) was accepted as truth over the existence of God. We replaced Christ with Darwin. We traded God for a lie and what we are seeing today is a direct result of that exchange. 

Now if you took the few seconds to read what I just wrote would you consider the truth of this matter? Would you consider the truth that Communism could not penetrate our nation's national faith in Almighty God, so they needed to change the script? Or are you seething now because I challenged your faith? 

That is all you are defending - your faith. Yours is a faith that claims Darwin is a greater god than El Shaddai. There is no debate here - it's a challenge between the validity of what Darwin claimed and what God claims. You choose to believe what the scientists claim over God's Word. Trust the science, right? 

How is this any different from the pseudoscience of 2020-2021? You just say 'evolution is an accepted science' because scientists told you it is science. I am not allowed to challenge it or present any science that rejects it. If it cannot be debated or argued against or tested or compared to or questioned then it is NOT science. Funny I have read a lot of evolutionists that have recently written these words about something else.

The masks and vaccine "science" - no one is actually allowed to contradict the "science" of evolution, masks, or vaccines. Anyone that rejects this "science" is assaulted with the emotional reactions of those indoctrinated by it. It is no wonder people believe the pseudoscience of masks and vaccines when they believe that Darwin was greater than God. 

Why is evolution called science? Because the collective of scientists told me so. Obedience to the Covid Cult was expected to be accepted and followed. They expected this without question by the same nation of people that so readily rejected the God of creation to believe that they are just a bunch of hairless apes. 

We have ALL been indoctrinated against God. The communists are succeeding in destroying America because we allowed them to indoctrinate our children and us with the claim that God does not exist. America was founded as a Christian nation and has turned against Christ - the God who gave us this nation. Destruction was inevitable the moment we turned our backs on God. God gave us over to our sin and we are now reaping the whirlwind of that betrayal.


Providence is often despised as a dirty word because it is used out of context. I have heard a lot of anti-American and anti-theistic rants about providence. Some of you might say Deux Vult or God wills it. Providence is what God wills and he does so like a master tactician. Just read Ester - you will see how God's will plays out. 


What God wills cannot be undone and is inevitable. I still believe that America is fading fast, but there is still light in the darkness. Like I said - this is a continuation of Pray & Prepare. We are facing ultimate destruction as a nation, but can God still save America? Yes, if he wills it.

Psalm 20:7 "Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
    but we trust in the name of the Lord our God."

Haven't you found it unusually odd that people have not gathered together and taken a physical stand against the tyranny? Why are there not 50K Kyle Rittenhouse's charging the capital or where were they when our cities were burning? Are you familiar with the Battle of Athens? Why has no one done anything to stop this tyranny? We literally stood by and ALLOWED communists to overthrow our election last year. We stood by and did NOTHING and we are still doing NOTHING. 

The minions in DC are destroying Americans and America. They are purposeful in their actions and they are not hiding it. They created a virus to kill us with our money and now they are forcing a vaccine to kill us and our children. We are literally being led into the gas chambers and yet all we are doing is complaining about the people around us that are not stopping it. Why is that?


I ask myself this question regularly - why is this happening? It is like we are all waiting for something to change or for someone else to do something, but it just keeps getting worse. We are putting our faith and trust in people to save us because we no longer fear God or believe he exists. 

We are trying to save ourselves through trusting in the wrong things. It is called idolatry and one of mankind's greatest follies. All we are actually doing is complaining. It was us that brought us to this point and only God can save us now. 

How patient is God with a rebellious people? Hundreds of years? Decades? For Israel, God was very patient - even with the evil kings, yet there were still painful and destructive consequences to their wickedness and rebellion.

When God's people rebelled, they were warned to repent or face destruction. This is a repeating message throughout scripture. When nations rebel against God they will face punishment unless they repent. 

"Above all other reality there exists one supreme Being: God, the omnipotent Creator of all things, the all-wise and just Judge of all men. This supreme reality, God, is the absolute condemnation of the impudent falsehoods of communism. In truth, it is not because men believe in God that He exists; rather because He exists do all men whose eyes are not deliberately closed to the truth believe in Him and pray to Him.” 
― Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris: On Atheistic Communism

Our nation was founded on Christ's values and it was God's providence that bore America. Now we collectively despise God as a nation. Our nation has a strong disdain towards God the Father and we have been in rebellion for a very long time. We are ripe for a communistic takeover. 

We have been warned for decades, but no one has listened. All in the name of progress as we stood unified with our middle fingers raised to the heavens. We have yelled a national and resounding FJC, louder than any FJB chant in America today, and we have been doing this for the last 100 years. That is the epic response WE THE PEOPLE have given God. God's patience is dwindling.

Deus Vult. God wills the destruction of any nation that spits in his face. Any nation that's roots are based on His Word and rebels as a nation is destined for destruction. If you still doubt this then you should definitely read Jeremiah. Jeremiah details the prophesied destruction of a nation in total rebellion against God.


Jeremiah was a teenager when God called him to serve. He gave his life in service to God as a prophet and suffered great persecution. God enabled him and sent him to speak against the wickedness of his people. Jeremiah prophesied of an empire that would destroy their nation and enslave their people. That empire was Babylon and God gave Nebuchadnezzar the keys to the city.  

They had placed their faith in men to save them - Egypt to be more precise - but Babylon prevailed because God willed it. God raised Babylon against his own people because they refused to repent. This is evident in America today.

God is leading us to a fateful decision as individuals and as a nation - a nation founded on His name and by His providence. America WAS a Christian nation, but everything we are witnessing today is a result of our expulsion of God and our hatred toward the God of our forefathers. We must repent and we must start praying for God to rescue us. 

This is another warning. It is clear as a sunny day in Florida. Whatever you are putting your hope in to save America, if it is not Jesus Christ, it will fail. We MUST ask God to save us. We MUST turn away from our idols and trust in the Lord. We MUST earnestly seek God through prayer. 


Then I believe that we will have the courage to stand against our enemies and God will stand with us. God will lead the charge. Then I believe we will see God's saving grace for our nation. Then I believe we will see God move mountains for the American people. America hangs by a thread - one tug and it will collapse. I believe that we need God more than ever as individuals and as a nation. 

We are watching the end of America while I write this and you read it. Black pill, red pill, blue pill - this is a God pill. It is hard to swallow because it will require you to get on your knees and swallow your pride. It will require you to burn down those false effigies and pray fealty to the living God that died on the cross and rose from the dead. For those of you that do serve God - it will require you to pray fervently for His salvation of this nation.

I am calling for Americans to repent - to turn away from the lies and turn to Christ. I am calling for Christians to pray for our nation and for God's mercy and salvation. We are not beyond God's mercy. He has not abandoned us, but what he wills cannot be undone. If God wills America to be destroyed because we have utterly turned away from him than God's will be done. 

For the next 100 days I will be praying ever day at noon for America. I will take time out of my busy schedule to plead for our nation before God who answers prayers. I am asking God for an intervention and to prove that he is still sovereign, powerful, and merciful. I believe God will answer and I believe that he has not abandoned us. I am asking for Christians to pray with me. 

God, bless America. 

- Reverend Holliday