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Bill Ottman
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I post to share knowledge, subscribe, remind the sh1t out of it...as many as possible have to know what the f枚ck is happening... #GodlessHeathenArtistEmpathLightwarriorLoverIntrovertSapiosexualAtheistTrutherExvaxxerbyresearchAnarchistSpiritualgangsterCoffeeaddictFoodloverEnvironmentalistNoClimatetardFreethinkerNoCoronaTardINFPA Next Wave Plandemic aka * KungFlu *CovTardia Asymptomatic spreaders of spike-protein through vaxxing are suffering most from "New Variant Omicron" DUH, name it for what it is FFS: Adverse reaction to the CoofShots @ErwinSchoofs @dr4gic0n Thank you for subscribing, Subscribe to my reminds too, vote, remind, comment good or bad...let me know what you feel... IDGAF if you downvote, downvoters that do so without having some balls to say why are kinda pathetic imo and will probably get blocked asap...don't waste my time... Don't like what I say? Pro-Tip: Unsubscribe...block...ignore like you ignore truth...when that doesn't work remove yourself from the gene-pool? I will subscribe to channels that bring shit I like... IDGAF bout what you believe&shit... or if we differ on 9/10...IDC... I'll cherish the one post that suits me... but if you try to preach... You Gone... No hard feelings tho...namaste... Like I care about the numbers...Maybe I'm just not your style/frequency...maybe you think I'm crazy...can't actually blame you for that LMAO Have a nice life anyway I Bless you . I despise hate from&towards any belief, ideology or race ... Hate will consume you, be wiser... Subbed doesn't mean I share your view, but I do want to read&see where you're at... And to finish, refrain from analyzing me...Wannabe psychologists are dead-wrong & it'll only expose your lack of intelligence...Not even experienced REAL shrinks can start to scratch the surface of my mind, don't make a fool out of yourself!

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It wants them to look real.

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HI I am NEW to media. I just turned 30 this week, on 9/11 and I want to celebrate, so I'm headed to traveling tha WORLD!! An't nothin gonna stop ME!!

My name is Nunah, I am a fulltime Affiliate marketer, and my goal is to help as many people as i can to make money online.

Nov 2018
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