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Hello I am Inu Haru. - Welcome to My Minds Page # 3 I am opinionated, dirty minded, outspoken, and an an anime lover. If you cant stand any of those or hate others giving opinions DONT STAY HERE When I lost my main FB I was looking for a good social site, its not here. I love anime, manga, games, comics and lots of other nerd stuff. Feel free to message me - If you want, know me better at my 'about me' post, here Find my More Adult Page here "I am not a Pervert, just a fan of pretty Ladies" ------------------------------------------- -Some Groups- Girls of War Featuring Kancolle, Azur Lane, Upotte, Girls Und Panzer, Panzer Waltz and Strike Witches among many others. -Mature Group- Ghibli Workshop Studio Ghibli and Related -PG Group- Red Like RWBY, White as Ice RWBY with some Rooster Teeth -NSFW Group- Nep's Nep World Hyperdimension Neptunia, Compile Heart, Idea Factory, and related and crossovers. -Mature Group- Monster Girl Realm Rosario+Vampire, Monster Musume, Highschool DXD, Sister New Devil, Cat Planet Cuties, Darkstalkers, Disgaea, MonsterQuest and many others. -Very Mature Group- * If you dont know DxD, New Devil, and MonsterQuest you probably dont want this group. Touhou Scarlet Manor Sexy fun with girls of Touhou Project -Very Mature Group- * Loli Smile Defence Legion A cute safe place for Loli PG Group just because its Loli Anime group A great anime appreciation group. PG Group Mature is for type of content allowed. However these are not Hentai (Porn groups) I would add a social site but I hate Minds, I hate, Tumblr, Im not allowed on Facebook and I dont much care for Twitter.
IT Tech, Shitposter, Historian, Otaku
Hello, I am Elaine and I live in Amarillo, USA. I am working in a company as a caretaker. I take care of newborn babies and I love to do this work. Even I really love babies. A few days ago I have gone a home and the baby’s father was an astrologer and he told me about Beauty spell. I don’t believe in this but it sounds too helpful for some people. I also try to export interesting latest things.
Hello, I am Sue . I am a chief information officer at Vernon. I am responsible for providing the global communications, computing, and security infrastructure that enables Vernon internal business operations as well as a variety of hosting and education services for Vernon customers. Additionally, On Sunday I strive to be the first adopter, biggest influencer, and best promoter of revenge spell chants. I routinely shares my insights in optimizing business results through the use of technology.
Hi, I am Juliy, and I live in Petaluma. I am working as a Personnel manager at the University of California. One day, I read the newspaper in my free time. I saw a topic called rohani taweez for love in the newspaper. It is a very interesting and enjoyable topic. Really I like this type of topic. I love to spend my spare time with my parents and friends.
I'm an indie game developer with a serious '80s and anime addiction.
I don't trust google but I sure hate it.
Husband and father working in IT. Love creating 3D and traditional art. Proud Christian. I post my art, memes and dem funnies, and some politics. If you interact with my stuff, I'll nearly always check yours out! Trying to grow my channel! Consider subscribing :D I usually subscribe back, as long as your page isn't 0-effort ;)
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