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Sick of it Productions smacking the comedy back into your Mum....and some!
Life is too short .🇦🇼🇬🇱🇬🇮 Skype:live:3ecbb83830844c4e Email: [email protected]
I am a brother to humanity and all humans are my siblings. Muslim. German-Pakistani born and raised in Chicago since 1991. Conservative-Libertarian. Minarcho-Capitalist. Graduated Theodore Roosevelt H.S. '09. I do a lot of thinking. Magastani.
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I talk about anime,music,memes,and life
A cultured man who loves anime, esp. ecchi and big anime oppai. Spreading the love for waifu and fighting against censorship. Will post NSFW content a lot.
Writer of Fantasy fiction. THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB is available now. Check website for details: http://www.hphunterwriter.com
Horror movie bottomless pit, writer of BLACK HOPS: U.S.A.-G.I., KAMEN AMERICA and more. Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Mark-Pellegrini/e/B072N1DZW2/
Aug 2019
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