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Mindfulness practitioner, MC, Broadcasting, Speaker Mindfulness and Motivation in English and Korean! Thanks for visiting my page~ Stay a while and explore, and feel free to drop me a message. See you soon!

Hallo and welcome to my profil on Minds. I am a mountain- and nature fan, love to listen to classical music and i am a technical fan. I write here about all things what i think that can be interesting for you, and share it here with you. Young, thirst for knowledge and striving for new.

Khi bạn thoải mái, nỗi sợ hãi biến mất, sự giàu có xuất hiện ! HÃY THẬT GIÀU CÓ, BẠN SẼ CÓ TẤT CẢ ! *** Những kênh yêu thích nhất trên Minds : @USATodayNews @CanadaTodayNews @AsiaBreakingNews @WorldBreakingNews @LichSuVietnamTongHop @PhatPhapVoBien @WorldBadNews @VietnamBusinessNews Blogs : https://www.minds.com/KevinTranIV/blog/world-s-trips-sciences-863346020833513472

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Recap of all good things of today. I'd like to thank all of you who are spreading so many positive posts on Minds and making everyones day happier!

Asturias, Spain
Apr 2018
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