I am an Intuitive Artist. What this means is that for my whole life I have been creating artwork from my imagination only using my perception of reality to create my own reality in my art work. I pull inspiration from my heart, soul, higher self, intuition whatever you want to call it. Sometimes I do use reference very lightly to study physics and pinpoint accuracy in my commission work. If I use significant reference I will state so otherwise all artwork is original and mine. I believe that artwork can say things that words may not be able to. Someday I want to create art work that awakes intelligence. I have been searching inside out as a student of the world how to create images that reach inside people. Human connection and intelligence inspires me and drives me to ascend new consciousness. I hope my work can inspire you.

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Welcome to Radar Handyman Services. I have experience in many forms of home improvements through working on the renovations since I was little. Quality design and craftsmanship have been an integral part of my family’s way of thinking for several generations and I have been working with my hands most of my life.

Pro free speech and love making sammiches for the patriarchy. Neither far left or far right in my beliefs, although a tad right of centre. I believe in an egalitarian society and the patriarchy. Any issues with me just let me know and I will be quite happy to have a civil debate with you.

•Fine Artist•Philosopher•Outdoor Explorer• Health Enthusiast•Teacher•Writer I am the !Wild Healthy Artist. "Cater to your ideas, not your market or your medium. Don't be a hack.”

Happiness. Mindfulness. Health. Nature. Success. Science. Leaver. INTJ.

May 2018
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