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If alcoholism is a disease, why isn't cannibalism an eating disorder?

The greatest wisdom is to get to know oneself - Galileo.

Unmaskingthepoet: Here I post videos of me reciting my poetry that I write under the pen name REbEL WAStE. The theme of the channel name UNMASKiNG-tHE-POEt is the concept of how writing and expression in this fashion is a way for us to remove the masks we wear, opening ourselves up to all that exists, both safe and terrifying. The strait jacket is an extension of this theme, worn to demonstrate "all that binds" us in ourselves. The removal of the mask and strait jacket at the end of the videos show the unfettered freedom that comes when one expresses themselves truly, and through doing so teaches and learns and grows. Think metamorphosis...this is all a type of metamorphosis. Specifically poetry as a metamorphosis. REbEL WAStE: Longer, more essay type videos, in contrast to my poetry channel. Rather than the poem itself, I go more in-depth as to concepts presented.

Lee Camp
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Comedian, Activist, Host of Redacted Tonight

Redacted Tonight
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an antidote to the propaganda of corporate media

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This is currently not a full time thing, as I'm also a post -graduate student in Chemistry and working another day job. I love what I do and want to change the way people view science. Blog posts are focused on chemistry, since that's my field. however I'll sometimes delve in some basic biology. #science #chemistry Release timezone is GMT+12 (NZT) If you like what I do, consider donating to help a poor post-grad out to pay his bills:- Ko-Fi: SubscribeStar (not set up fully yet):\ Patreon:

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