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Your local dream repository. Images allowed, but must be accompanied with some sort of text dream recall. #mindssubconscious the minds poetry group: the minds Formula 1 group:
Admin: @bocu22 is a group about the magic world of mushrooms everyone who have knowledge or content about mushrooms are welcome here You can't advertise sales, websites, or adverts in our community groups without supporting our community via tokens. #mushrooms #fungus #fungi #nature #myphoto #photography
This group's focus is on the arts and culture of the Samurai - Japan's legendary warrior class.
Cleaning up our roadways, trails, parks and waterways. Many hands make light work. Please join, share, and take action where you are! ✌❤🌍
The 100 Day Project was originally created by Michael Bierut in 2010 for his graduate graphic design students at the Yale School of Art and in 2014 it was brought to Instagram. And now in 2023 it's coming to Minds. The Minds 100 Day Project will officially start on March 7, 2023 (Full moon with creativity at its peak) and end 100 days later. As this is a personal project, totally designed and directed by YOU, you can start and stop whenever you want to. Is there something you would like to learn and develop? Or something you've been wanting to do but it's been on hold till the 'right' time? Perhaps the time is now: To begin or begin again with a fresh approach. How to participate Design your own project: Something that will hold your attention, or challenge you to, for the next 100 days: Be it some form of art, writing, music, singing, dancing or video production: Or making such as knitting, sewing or cooking: Or planting/growing seeds or trees: Or documenting your walk/commute to work. Anything that you feel you'll enjoy doing in 10-30 minutes a day. If you miss a day it's no big deal because you're completely in charge of making your own 'guidelines.' When inspired, share your progress in this group and/or on your own channel using the hashtag #the100dayproject. You might also like to use a hashtag that is unique to your own Project. You can post the progress of your Project every day, a few times a week, once a week, or whatever fits into your lifestyle. Why do it? 'By committing to doing something for 100 consecutive days, you are building muscle and momentum to develop a skill and/or bring something new into your life.' ~Catherine Rains. As an example, my project will be to integrate drawing, watercolour and photography into small 3D arrangements with natural materials and stitching.
RIP to the original Freedom Gardening Group, may this new start bring just as many useful posts on self sufficiency, gardening tips, and lively discussions. All gardening, homesteading, foraging, and related self sufficient content is welcome (canning, soap making, herbalism, etc...)
Sep 2016
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