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Wisdom of the Past Critique of the Present Struggle of the Future http://www.rightwingphilosophy.org [email protected] Right Wing Philosophy was begun during the autumn of CXXVII ANNÓ LVPI as a response to the increasing prevalence of shills and traitors posturing and perverting from within the all-too-liberally-conceived notion of "the political right". It is Our Mission to provide and foster all support necessary for the winning of this Struggle for the True Right, that is, according to among other things the Law of Hierarchy - our Practical Action guided by our understanding of Natural Law and Spiritual Truth.

I am a thinker and natural philosopher. I am unapologetically of European descent and am proud of my peoples innumerable accomplishments.

Young Traditionalist - Member of The Australian Traditionalists Union

"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." - George Orwell

Deutsch Englisch Kanal German English channel Holocaust Revisionism (Videos) and some other stuff. Holocaust Revisionismus (Videos) und sonst noch was.

#PutinisZOG ZUGZWANG on WorldTruth - https://www.worldtruth.online/zugzwang1939/ ZUGZWANG on Gab - https://gab.com/ZUGZWANG1939 Citations from some books I read - https://citationstosave.wordpress.com/ Vids I reuploaded on Minds from other sources - https://citationstosave.wordpress.com/2020/10/14/videos-on-minds/ There is only one war that wouldn't be in the interest of the jews.

Too Angry To Die • ᚢᛚᚠᚺᛖᛞᛁᚾᚾ • Pagan • EcoGang • Guitar God • #FolkRight

Just your Average Super Villian

I do not support half measures. I am not nor ever have been alt-right. No alt-lite, kekistanis, or cuckservatives. Also, if you're going to cuck to a foreign, invasive religion, don't do it here. [Wallpapers group] https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/744345652900667392/activity

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