Subscribe to my channel on Bitchute today! Videos about racism, immigration and all the topics people lie about it. Anti-White narrative and all the truth finally spoke out clearly! Thanks! Laura Corvino. 🇺🇸✌🍺 EMORY UNIVERSITY IS JUST AN INSTITUTION THAT PLAYS DIRTY! THEY PAID GOOGLE TO DELETE ALL MY ARTICLE AND VIDEOS I HAVE DONE ABOUT THEM! THAT SAYS A LOT ABOUT THE DISHONESTY OF EMORY UNIVERSITY AND THE WHEEL (their newspaper) YOU CAN FIND THEM ON DUCKDUCKGO.COM BY SEARCHING MY NAME NEWS COMING SOON! Emory University is a Globalist and Socialist institution that is openly advocating for open borders and for the continuous influx of Muslims in America. Islam is incompatible with the American Constitution and the principles of freedom of the American way of life. By promoting open borders and by defending Islam and ignoring its intolerance toward freedom, Emory University is acting in a very anti-patriotic and anti-American way. Emory University fired, persecuted and retaliated against many people simply for not agreeing with them! And this is despicable! Emory University fired and totally ruined the entire career of a law professor only guilty of having said the word "nigga" during a class lesson. Emory University is run by intollerant, socialist, evil and totalitarian sociopaths and anyone should consider very seriously if they really want to enter in contact with such a vicious and vindictive mob of people! Ask yourself: if your kids will ever express an opinion Emory don't like, will they ruin their reputation? Probably yes! In fact, they did this same thing with a multitude of people included the last president of the student government: they impeached him and published many articles to shame him publicly and to prevent him to find a job or to apply for a Phd in the future. At Emory University they just enjoy to ruin the careers of people who "disagree" with them! If you ask me, I consider them to be nothing more than a mob of Sociopaths! Think seriously before to send your kids in a place like that and run by this kind of vindictive and vicious Socialists!!! follow me on my youtube chanel for more about Emory University, Atlanta GA Real feminist against child marriage, female genital mutilation, acid attacks and against the mysoginist Islamic religion with its persecution, humiliation and disrespect toward all the women of the world. Since it seems that some don't understand what kind of feminist I am: I am a real feminist against the real and brutal persecution of women in the Islamic countries. What I am not is one so called "Western feminst" who goes to stupid marches with a stupid pussy hat protesting against a patriarchy that simply doesn't exist in the West. To be a Western feminist you gotta be an idiot. Islam is a violent cult, very political at its core, higly misogynist, sexist and chauvinistic. It is NOT good for America or for any other free country.
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