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If you are an electronic music lover who is a fan of Electronica with subgenres such as Trance, ProgressiveHouse and Ethnic Fusion with #European style instruments, music & culture! My name is Sonya Marlene, and I am a GenX/Millennial who loves #EDM. It has been my lifelong dream to create my own songs and music since youth. I have been singing since childhood and started writing my own songs since early teen years. Today, I plan to publish my first 10 songs I have written for my first music album "God's Hands". I have written my own lyrics and composed the music as well. Check them all out at If you love the style of #VictorianElectronica, subscribe to this channel to get continuous updates on the latest electronic music releases including my upcoming albums!
Youtube banned this video from being shared, downloaded, commented on and posted anywhere else. So I decided to screen grab it and post it here. All credits of this video go to Saint Teresa, the original poster. Song by Vangelis: Follow Saint Teresa here: Feel free to download, share and pass along the message! #EuropeanCulture #EuropeanHeritage #ProudToBeWhite #ItsOKToBeWhite
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This video was censored on Youtube. Nothing wrong with it. So why? Obviously you’re doing something right if you are being censored by leftist. Because let’s face it: when we white people dare stand up for ourselves against those who wish to attack us and demonize us, there will be those who just can’t handle it. And I don’t feel sorry for them because when it comes to us, we are the ones who stand in our own defense against this whole anti-white propaganda machine. We are the people that defend our people. If they don’t like us, it is an indication that they should move to another country where there are no white people. And of course, they won’t. No other nations on earth would treat them as well as we do. They want what we have. That’s why the third world is constantly trying to beat down our doors, flood into our countries and take our resources as if we have never shared what we have with the whole world. That’s why leftist cry ‘racism’ and ‘you must make amends’ to get $ out of us. Nothing but an attempt to get our recourses. Our first world countries are the best in the world. Our technology has worked to benefit the entire world. Keep up the good work, content creators! Showing these anti-whites just what we’re made of! Recognize and resist #AntiWhiteHate propaganda! #LetMyPeopleGo Video credit: Saint Teresa via Youtube
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