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Orgonite Maker. Truther. Light worker. Come friend me on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/christina.l.dobbs I can't check msgs so if u need to reach out do it in comments for now. My Law of One & Q group @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/2602196276569070/?ref=share


Finding simplicity and mindfulness in our modern lives. Join the community of freethinking individuals centered around exploring all aspects of life. My mission is to bring compassion & personal growth to a million humans. You’ll find posts and quotes about happiness, change, mindfulness, minimalism and more If you’re searching for best quotation, discover famous deep quotes of all time. Browse collections of inspirational quotes, life quotes and love quotes.

Ontario Bound. #Torunno 🎨 Freelance Artist 🌱Environmental Enthusiast 🐾 I love ALL animals, appreciate craftmanship and people who create their own artwork. I love exchanging and talking about ideas, artworks, astrology, nutrition, nature, culture, Chakras, and sometimes Spirituality Listen to what people have to say, without caring what they think about you. #FairyRap 🌜 Family 🌹 Painting 💎 Crystals 🐺 Animals 🍎 Nutrition & Fitness 🔬 Astrology 🐻AnimalRights 👙Body Positive 😁GoodVibesOnly 🐝SaveTheBees 🌲SaveTheTrees Check out this page: @DayTripper

May 2017
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