YouTube Creator - I'm an Aussie who had had enough of his birth country and now live in Thailand with his ladyboy girlfriend.
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I am Donald A Recio. I work as a Computer hardware engineer at Asian Fusion Company. I was born in India and currently, I live in Long Beach, the USA with my friends. I mostly spend my time reading novels and books. I have a collection of various types of books and Magazines. Searching on astrological topics is my passion. I want to explore more about What is a love binding spell. It is a very interesting and knowledgeable topic for me.
I am Latasha and I am from Richmond, USA. I live my life very happily by god grace. I am working in a company and I have 6 yrs experience in this field. I am a very hard working person. I am going for a company tour and I met an astrologer who is an astrologer in Assam. It is a very interesting book. I love listening to music, reading history books. Even I go with my friends to parties and spend time with my family.
Life is one big gym! 1. Unfiltered, unaffiliated, unbiased, independent, expert and a source in the area of health and fitness. 2. Health and fitness Industry accountability. 3. Community support, encouragement, and empowerment. is a website dedicated to archiving the Constitutional Sanctuary movement spreading across our country.
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