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Programmer and business owner (Co-founder TshwaneDJe.com). #GameDev #VR Art / #Artist Pro-Revival of Tradition of Beauty and Skill in Art You may share my images (as long as it's for non-commercial use, and you give credit) Also good at C++ and PHP programming; specializations include 3D graphics development, game development, virtual reality Contact me if interested in buying any of my artworks, or in a commissioned work (most works displayed here are available for sale). https://djoffe.com/ https://twitter.com/JoffeArt Want a commissioned painting or drawing of a favorite pet, favorite horse, favorite child, favorite girlfriend or favorite wife? Email me now to discuss. https://github.com/davidjoffe http://tshwanedje.com/ My 'day job' software business (founded with initial purposes of 'building bridges between cultures and improving education through better dictionaries') Email: david at djoffe.com Livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/david_joffe https://www.youtube.com/user/davidjoffe2 https://www.pscp.tv/DavidJoffe https://mixer.com/gnukem111 https://gab.ai/DavidJoffe https://vimeo.com/davidjoffe Other: https://www.instagram.com/joffe.david/ https://ello.co/david_joffe/ https://david-joffe.deviantart.com/ https://twitter.com/d_joffe Pro:Reason and Liberty, #freespeech #gamedev #vr
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