Nationalist & Father hoping to pass on a safe fruitful nation to our children so they may prosper.
EVP of Development & Acquisitions, Boardroom Advisor on The Celebrity Apprentice, Founder of The Eric Trump Foundation to benefit St. Jude.
Muckraker at True Pundit *Gerald Loeb Award Recipient, *2-Time Pulitzer Prize Inv. Reporting Nom, *George Polk Political Reporting Nom
Gab: https://gab.ai/PlZZAGATE Twitter: http://twitter.com/PlZZAGATE (suspended) Just trying to expose child abuse without censorship. #Pizzagate crew: @BestaPizza is a pedophile front @CometPingPong is a pedophile front & owned by @JamesAlefantis who fucks @DavidBrock who censors the internet @JohnPodesta is a pedophile @TonyPodesta is a pedophile @DennisHastert is a pedophile @JeffreyEpstein traffics kids @LauraSilsby traffics kids @SteveHuffman is CEO of #Reddit and protects pedophiles (is one?) & possibly a cannibal (seriously wtf?) @FakeNews is Newspeak used by the mainstream media to cover up Pizzagate History crew: @Confucius is a Chinese philosopher Fictional crew: @PerfectCell is literally a DBZ villain @Darkseid is literally a Superman villain
Dr. David Duke-Fmr Mem House of Rep-LA & PhD in History. 3 books-500 million readers - 22 lang. One of 100 most read and quoted people in the world. 2B video Views -90% Positive Ratings!
Publisher wikileaks.com; Political refugee. Detained without charge for the last seven years in violation of two UN rulings.
Oct 2018
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