R18 SITE 4 SAVING WORLD WITH EASE:best on net! (and I don't say that lightly) The header poster actually says" The TechnoSocialist Project.. Don't Die on Old Man" AH I CAN'T SEEM TO DO ANYTHING ANYMORE ON MINDS. LIKE DO A POST .I THINK I GOT LOCKED OR SOMETHING. ANYWAY PAMPLHET1 IS GOOD FOR YOU TO KNOW. I MUST BE BRONZE., i CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAS HAPPENNED. YOUR ANALYSIS DATA SYSTEM IS BRONZE. ALL COIN AND NOTHING ELSE. ANYWAY LOOKS LIKE I AM GONE. L8R GUYS HAVE A NICE ALIVE LIFE. GOOD BYE EVERYONE :) I HOPE AM OXIDISED BRONZE AT LEAST. FOR ARTISTNESS.. DIRTY FILTHY NEVER POLISHED BRONZE. PROB ABOUT TIME I LEFT ANYWAY. EYE IN THE SKY FOR ITS NOT IN SKY ONLY, FOR DATA EXTINCTION : FIRST PAMPHLET DUB= PAMPHLET B NOT READY, BUT JUST PLAY THIS A WHILE: BETTER PAMPHLET B= PAMPHLET C HAVE A LOOK AT: TAXED ECOMMERCE ECONOMY IN COMBO WITH: TUBE CHANNEL= check this post out: BOYSCOUT INDUSTRIAL POST CHECK THIS POST OUT FOR THE MAIN ISSUES TO BECOME THE NORM AND SAVES PLANET PROPERLY THESE CHARTS ARE GREAT FOR SHOWING THE PROCESS OF THERE BEING NO REAL ISSUES ANYMORE WITH TSOC SYSTEMS: (IS A GOOD BASIS FOR GOVT. PAMPHLETS, AND FOR ONES TO SEND TO ECONOMICS MINISTRIES/ ANALYSTS, AND COULD BE USED TO CREATE GREAT BIND IN OF REGULAR ECONOMICS CHECKING TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE REAL WORLD READY). CHART1: CHART2: this site is mainly for book reading text heads really mostly. Am a 39 yr old and 90's teen years .So If you don't read books, you prob won't read this: but the data can be sometimes excelling everything on this planet. mighty full of drunk science art though. So if come here, beware its not laid out like a scientific textbook, (to say the least), and since is more of a novel than a social media page, you might be better reading it in reverse from last post to top. But I can guarantee you, you will come away with power of perspective on how to save this planet. And that you will never be the same again. AND HOPEFULLY DON'T HAVE TO GO TO A PSYCHIATRIST AFTERWARDS: DISCLAIMER! also keep a pen and paper handy possibly. Enjoy the jokes and try and get past any crazy drunk text when am over comms limit. Best teachers I have ever had have incorporated humour, but this channel is much better than hiring a comedy. But remember to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON also if get worried, and use the pen and paper for your own annotations. GD LUCK. also beware that sometimes am cool, but sometimes are very much a dick, or otherwise on third term, incomprehensible, but yeh I am not social media self filtered for getting hits, so my popularity is barely even median level. But if you can see through the data, you can see something very awesome never before made in human history. But there is nothing hollywood about it. and high WYSIWYG. But you get a real guy: super smart, drunk, and highly focused on saving the world by any thought possible. Much like a terminator. and its free. even token free. cause is meant to be. Even though I want to make it happen, I will not charge for the data. cause it's basic human rights level to have extreme planet save data. data pinch wise well maybe wouldn't be a dead and poor bum, just a poor bum hence, so semi release use, but should give for soldiers hat from off dances with wolves say. It's prob illegal for me to patent world save data down. I guess could end up being an alive bum. instead of a world killing dead bum. if the right parties link with it. but is immoral, at least so is free save world data. READ AND CLICK THESE 2 TOP LOADS & THIS FOR QUICK CHANNEL BASICITY, AND SURE SAVES TIME. (YOU LAZY MOTHERFUCKER, BUT YEH GOTTA DO THIS 4 YOUR ASSES, THAT DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO READ AT BEST 4 ANTI-WORLD DETONATE) QUICK LOADS TOP 2: MISSION STATEMENT: (1 year later than tsoc vids) (have learnt some shit) FORMER YOU TUBE: TUBE CHANNEL= EHH FUCKING MAKING ME DO A SNIFF BREATH FROM FORMER BASIC TSOC FROM HASSLINGS FROM ORIGINAL TSOC VIDS VS THE ULTRA WORK SYSTEM. dulaex loggings all good though. Full separation logs are pretty good to keep separate. --END OF TOP 2-- R18 generic. Thanx 4 any donation given!!! READ MY SHIT THROUGH, YOU ARE ON ANOTHER LEVEL, POST HUMAN DETONATION. ILLLEGAL TO DIE ON THE OLD. I AM SAYING IT IS. .... MEANT TO BE ILLEGAL ,,ALRIGHT! DAYBREAKERS, I KNOW IT MAY BE WRONG THESE THINGS, THEY HAVE TO GO. SUPERMARKET FEMALES MAYBE ANALAGOUS BUT JUST NOT TSOC OR SYMPTOM FREE, FROM CO2) . THESE THINGS THEY HAVE TO GO 4 NON TSOC..(WELL JUST GONE FREE. BUT THESE WOMEN ARE THESE THINGS. SEEN THEM FIGHTING IN SUPERMARKETS OVER BARGAINS. FUCKING HELL. THESE WOMEN USING SUPERMARKET AUTO ARE PSYCHOPATHS GENERIC ANYWAY VS TSOC EVEN IF WELL PAID. ITS VERY SUBTLE. SAVE THE WORLD PROJ, EFFECTIVELY. FORGOTTEN OLD TEXT BELOW. POSS STILL RELEVANT (WAIVER): OLD MENS COIN TECH IS SUPER HANNNIBAL LECTER VS NEO METHODOLOGY. AND YOU WANT TO GET PAST THAT AND SAVE THE PLANET AND ALL LIFEFORMS BY DECENT PARAMETRIC INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS. STEP AREA FOR SHITTY SOCIAL MEDIA LEVEL BETA VS REAL MEDIA LEVEL, AND TRUE TAX REFUNCTIONING. READ IT BACKWARDS OR WILL NOT IQ THE TRUTH OF SAVE WORLD ENGINEERING FROM THIS CHANNEL. IT'S NOT TOO MUCH A WASTE OF TIME TO DO THAT, MUCH LIKE A SCIENCE NOVEL, BUT THIS SHITS THE REAL DEAL, BUT IS DEF FULL OF JOKES AND DRUNKNESS ALSO, BUT SERIOUSLY ITS THE REAL DEAL OF HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD. AND I AM NOT INTO WASTING PEOPLES TIME. HONESTLY ITS THE REAL ENGINEERING OF HOW TO SAVE THE PLANET, WELL THOUGHT OUT. BLOOD BROTHERS PROMISE. READ THIS LIKE A SCI NOVEL BACKWARDS DAILY, YOU ARE ON FIRE. TO SAVE THE PLANET. Group called SAVEWORLDBYSCIENCE if wish to use it. COME PLAY CHESS REVERSI WITH ME ON END OF WORLD. I LIKE THIS GAME. FLIP THE GAME. can internet bank pay me here if wish: bnz nz: acoount name: TSOC DONATIONS A/C NO. 02-0700-0131626-005 Daniel Jones site: or if me no $= TUBE CHANNEL= BEWARE: SEMI FUNCTIONAL DRUNK SITES!!! THIS DESCRIPTIONS EVER NEARS CHANGING I THINK SOMETIMES, BUT BASICALLY FOR SAVE THE WORLD BY BEST MATH AND SYSTEMS AND THE WHOLE JOB DONE AND DONE PROPERLY! contains dispositioned humour, and nil High IQ dispositioning positioning on 2nd layer!!. Ie, don't read into me, I am not reading into you that highly.!!! as has been one anti-er. I don't. don't do high IQ crap like that. no way. Luv u guys. Best world. Be the new. LIFE DIAMOND KEKULES: AND FIX 4 METHANE ICE. YOUR MIND IS ILL, BUT EASY FIX BY PARAMAP AND WHERE PARAMAP URL= BUT CONTAINS THE BEST IN CLASS SYSTEM FOR WORLD SAVE AND I AM ACTUALLY QUITE A MATURE PERSON DESPITE SUPPOSED APPEARANCES, WHICH ARE ONLY EVER SKIN DEEP. check out @DJPERVEASSMAYBE 4 some fucking funding I hope. JUST CAN'T fig. FUNDING YET is the only last issue. I HOPE WE CAN BEAT THE SELF GLOBOCIDAL SOCIAL BIORADIO RECURSIVE FACTOR AND BREAK THROUGH ECONOMICUS AND SOCIOLOGICUS TWINNING, TO ALLOW IN THE NEW TSOC BASE CODING TO SAVE THE PLANET. TWINNING IS THE LOWEST LEVEL OF THE SOCIAL BIORADIO CROWD FACTOR AND IS NOT MUCH MORE THAN SINUSIODAL FLUCTUATION ADDICTION, AND VERY DANGEROUS AND HARD TO BREAK THROUGH. BUT I BELIEVE WE CAN HAVE A HIGHER MENTAL ENERGY IF WE TRY, AND CAN GAIN RICHES GREATER THAN GOLD WITH TECHNOSOCIALISM. IT IS UNFORTUNATELY MODALLY LINKED TO OUR SURVIVAL MINDS, AND WE HAVE NEVER BROKEN ABOVE, BUT TSOC DESPITE AUTOMATIC RESPONSE WILL NEVER ACTUALLY THREATEN LIVELIHOOD OR SURVIVAL. IT'S AN ANIMAL MIND RECORDED SURVIVAL RESPONSE WE MUST WORK THROUGH OR WE MAY NOT SURVIVE THIS NEW CENTURY. WE HAVE TO GO TRINARY. IT'S JUST HOW IT IS. ONWARDS TO NEWTONS PRISM ECONOMICS!! check out : @FutureSciMagiX too for the futures true freedom also & for very special science activity I HAVE A BANK A/C IF YOU WANT TO DO A BANK DEPOSIT TO ME OF 20 OR 50 DOLLARS SAY: (IF YOU WOULD THROW AWAY A NOTE INTO THE RUBBISH TO HELP SAVE THE PLANET, AND NOT CARE, YOU CAN DO IT FOR REAL HERE!) bnz nz: acoount name: TSOC DONATIONS A/C NO. 02-0700-0131626-005
Apr 2018
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