First pamphlet: trying at least to organise myself. HIGH COO TO READ: --- JUST A TEXT DUB: E PAMPHLET TRY1: D Jones A pamphlet on the future of the world to help stop human extinction, to create the end of climate change, and to develop a 2020AD plus economy with freedom and self worth for all mankind: Contents: 1: The bare bones technosocialist concept 2: The TSOC+ full function economy 3: Climate Care and self help 4: The future of the world and becoming all that we can be 5: War free hopes 1: The bare bones technosocialist concept 2: The TSOC+ full function economy THESE CHARTS ARE GREAT FOR SHOWING THE PROCESS OF THERE BEING NO REAL ISSUES ANYMORE WITH TSOC SYSTEMS: (IS A GOOD BASIS FOR GOVT. PAMPHLETS, AND FOR ONES TO SEND TO ECONOMICS MINISTRIES/ ANALYSTS, AND COULD BE USED TO CREATE GREAT BIND IN OF REGULAR ECONOMICS CHECKING TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE REAL WORLD READY). CHART1: CHART2: 3: Climate Care and self help LIFE DIAMOND KEKULES: AND FIX 4 METHANE ICE. HEX CARDS: self help system, over p earth gps, with code numbers for make own save world work on parts of it. 4: The future of the world and becoming all that we can be We have a lot of issues to deal with, and a lot of it has to do with our economics system underlying everything. First and foremost, our economic zeroing system is the main key to fix this, while still retaining a lifestyle that some say we are not worthy of anymore. To retain what we know and the lifestyle we have become accustomed to is currently incompatible with the earth and its species, including ourselves. Our rapacious nature has led us to an imminence of extinction that we have never truly attempted to counteract. It is required that we lead the planet as the smartest and brightest organism configuratively, onto a future of sustainability and also required over sustainability, through new mechanisms of thought and action, and daily function. Our lateral thinking failures of best in world thought, still fail to fully encompass the true basis of what is required to even barely sustain a global sphere home, and a human destroying its own millileu is not an organism that understands much about long term thought. We seem unable to be beyond excitement and adrenaline as our only method of running an economy. But which is the human animals nature, and cannot be avoided, only sideswiped. We seem unable to work tax, as a daily duality for save world economics while still creating economic development models. And in fact save world economics has been currently to this point in time considered a form of charity, outlining the pure grotesequeries of our human nature. And yet some may say, that this was a function of linear taxation methods, based upon only human needs, and human breeding cycles, which although the effects of our methods have been grotesque as opposed to the millileu, it must be stated that they are unavoidable and it is the linear method of economics which must change to us for us to use these methods by dual taxation to refer ourselves forward rather than blame ourselves. Which is highly ineffectual. The movement of material objects from industry has been above our true needs, and yet this over movement has sustained these businesses as a form of utility, with profit above wage payment, and has helped workers pay bills, and sustain a family. Yet also leads to our forgetfulness of these objects, and the effect of that upon the earth planetospheres carbon economy effects, but in truth it was also about the manufacturing utilities support of workers and their family units. And fickle purchases from overadvertising, we seem reliant. The truth of the economy for over matter use and production less bhuddism or minimalism may be simply a matter of family work support for each other. And possibly family support and workflow is certainly a requirement. And it may be the true economic basis. Losing that would not be the best thing for people. We attempt sometimes to be minimalistic, and there are movements on it. But it does not cure the economic zeroing position. Hence we are left with the conundrum of family support vs planetary support economics, as the main economic basis issue to be dealt with. The TSOC+ economy with full function economics can give us the over energy tool required to retain coin support for families and the planet in one with minimised disruption to the family unit, or to the business unit. It is specialised and designed to be for both matters. To avoid military requirements, and to avoid starvation effects, or to avoid climate change extinction, I am very convinced that we need this TSOC+ system, to keep the family unit happy and functional and to maximise our potential in any oncoming disasters. The hex cards self help save world problems for all we have done by industry or economic industry based on basic human needs and needs for personal expansion, can help the government also become only military options in climate change disasters, and can begin the up building process for save world work from the base level industrial period of mankind. The work oracle and patent genghising post molecular converter and tsoc utilities can allow for a new but lessing of planetary zero detonation up energy level for the grotesquery batterment that is of human nature. Unstoppables must become referables. Or we will destroy the very structure of the millileu that we exist upon. There has been no system before, for actual true earth care linking but rather that businesses run alone for the profit motive. And sometimes they care for wage making, with certain profit depencies. But businesses are alone and divided socially. And it is quite the hard level anti social medieval level indeed from the coin hardness of men and their businesses on social division. Profit vs wage pay or retain workers is still to this day, a reliance mechanism. This has been polymerised as our our only idea. Highly the fool to only have this as dis-freedom. Businesses are certainly the medieval coin, and yet we believe this is right energy mechanism only, vs my other method. Self slavery is within this. Even for businesses. And unfortunately it is heartfelt to hire and provide wages, also, and if this is not super slavery, then what is the definition of it. And also the slavery to world detonation. It surely is the definition of multi hearts care gone wrong, from care business medieval. Work through on TSOC+ full function economy. It is what could work for true planetary hearts. For businesses and wage takers. And to longer self detonate planetary millileu by automatosis. 5: War free hopes Interdef hopes, white war, doors to anti war: those functions