Musician, Graphic Artist and a few more things that wouldn't couldn't as skill, so they don't go here. So, things are simple: - I am nice to you if you are to me, though I can be a dick and a drama queen if I'm depressed. - Knee jerk responses will be treated with the care and precision of a wrecking ball. - If you ask my opinion, be prepared. - I love to have conversations about a lot of stuff. - I do commissions. - I am always willing to forgive/ask for forgiveness, within reason. - I seldom delete comments/messages. I don't care what you write. I can take it. - I have a vested interest in proposing that people should be able to speak their mind as well as take full responsibility for the consequences of what they said.

( ◞・౪・) ....Just an artist trying to find her own voice! Twitch Streamer -

Here to create content. What content. I guess you'll need to watch a video to find out

I'm a Washington nerd who also happens to come up with the occasional neat looking scribble from time to time. I'm currently open for commissions. If you're interested in a commission piece, feel free to contact me here or via my website listed below. My Website My RedBubble Shop

I paint. Only post original content.

Indie Game Dev, making Hegemone Pass, a cute leader-switching turn-based JRPG + Platformer!

Just an artist scraping by. I refuse to shy from NSFW art and am willing to draw almost anything. Patreon- Family Discord- Walled off for the time being. Redbubble- Open for Commissions Basic Prices Sketch- $10 B&W- $15 Color- $25

Illustrator specializing in drawing cute girls doing cute things. I do take requests over on my tumblr or through my email. [email protected]

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Aug 2016
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