Contrarian artist.

Svensk nationalist som älskar yttrandefrihet.

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An animal lover loves without expecting anything in return. His love is pure and pure. It has endless feelings inside. They love in the most beautiful form of love. When you meet someone like this, he will put into you, what is meant, what pure and eternal love is.

Musician, Graphic Artist and a few more things that wouldn't couldn't as skill, so they don't go here. So, things are simple: - I am nice to you if you are to me, though I can be a dick and a drama queen if I'm depressed. - Knee jerk responses will be treated with the care and precision of a wrecking ball. - If you ask my opinion, be prepared. - I love to have conversations about a lot of stuff. - I do commissions. - I am always willing to forgive/ask for forgiveness, within reason. - I seldom delete comments/messages. I don't care what you write. I can take it. - I have a vested interest in proposing that people should be able to speak their mind as well as take full responsibility for the consequences of what they said.

KeyWord Dump: Cuck Jew Kike Dindu Nog SJW Coal Nig Black White America USA Guns Fascism Nazis Hitler Stormer Daily Shoah Fash Nation Propaganda Communism Communist Subversion Bolshevik Revolution WWII WW2 Middle East Arab Mudslime Semite Anti SS March Heritage Ancestor Western Gentle Goy Red Republican Right Wing Death Squads RWDS SPLC ADL JDF JIDF Israel Tel Aviv Bank IMF treasury Jewry Jewery Zionist Zionists zionism conspiracy theory God  Christianity paganism Celtic germanic Gaelic Nordic alliance neoreactionary reactionary David Duke William L Pierce omniphi media news politics skeptic brexit UK Germany Angela Merkel Migrant crisis rape sexual assault crime migration immigration emigration refugee welfare tax money stock trade union sanction tyranny autocratic autocracy authoritarianism speech free legion brigade freedom slave lefties libshit cuck treason traitor abomination abortion life loyalty normativity normative trans gender fluid binary Marxism Marxist Karl Trotsky Army Stalin genocide Starvation typhus typhoid disease queer homosexuality rights gay laws policy infringement

Just some EWM. Sarcposter (I don't like to shit post, instead I specialise in sarcasm and irony). A Blog Editing Guide I have written: I would like my epitaph to be: He was easily confused! This account is now moribund, nearly.

ერთი ქართველი ხომ მაინც უნდა იყოს ამ საიტზე.

Sep 2016
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