My name is clone and I'm 17 years old and I have a 2 YouTube channels is cloneguy 901 and inslayerclone

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I don't really know what this is but I make YouTube videos.

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I don't get on much I game! I set-up servers, websites and provided funding for #MindsGaming Community your welcome ;) I created the layout for the open community @MindsGaming ;) We have active Gamer's here is the general group for gaming. Gaming Clans GAMER TUBE Reviews ------------------------------------- #Minds #MindsGaming #GAMERClan #minds #community

It's #Anonymous, not synonymous. It's decentralized, not group thought. It's an idea, not a cult.   This channel revolves around the world of #Technology, #Science, #News, #Philosophy, and all things #Minds!  | #Transparency | #TheGreatMigration #Active #Minds co-creator since July 2015. Minds is the root of the spiderweb, all other govspiders social media is based upon this identity.

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That guy with the dog. "Comedian". Lolbertarian. Youtuber. Free-Speech advocate. E-Scot. Salt farmer. Go away gubmint. Proud owner of a microdick.

I write and talk. Ecocentrist. Anarcho-primitivist. Big hater of civilisation, even bigger enjoyer of wild(er)ness. Follows aren't endorsements.

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I make comics and goof off on youtube. ✠ ⚔ Check out my comics: Join the phanclub:

Mar 2017
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