A man who wants to survive in this urban jungle. Join me on my journey through technology and breaking things. My real account is at @UrbanSurvival   Currently studying Law in China (ironic isn't it), for years I have notice trends, in our global world and people actions. Our morality is purely opinionated and biased, even though we understand and know this. We still fight each other like were 2yrs old. So lets discuss things that we cannot do in our daily lives, and shitpost on way too.

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The Young Turks perpetrated the Ottoman Genocide of Armenians, Assyrians and Pontic Greeks. Cenk Uygur has a long history of Armenian Holocaust denial. The main aim of this channel is to educate people about Cenk's abysmal record, to get Cenk to finally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide (hopefully on or before Genocide Memorial Day the 24th April) and to put pressure on The Young Turks to change the disgraceful name of their show.

Just trying to put some logic into the world that I live in

I'm curious. About everything. That's all.

Dec 2016
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