A man who wants to survive in this urban jungle. Join me on my journey through technology and breaking things. My real account is at @UrbanSurvival   Currently studying Law in China (ironic isn't it), for years I have notice trends, in our global world and people actions. Our morality is purely opinionated and biased, even though we understand and know this. We still fight each other like were 2yrs old. So lets discuss things that we cannot do in our daily lives, and shitpost on way too.

The StealthFyre Survival Stove is based off of the legendary Dakota Fire Pit, and incorporates a modular panel design that makes it indispensable as a survival multi-tool for fire based chores. This revolutionary idea was born in the Native Americans and is incomparable to any other fire lay. Not only is it versatile and efficient, but it is also nearly smoke free and easily concealable. The Dakota Fire Pit concept is so useful that it’s taught to soldiers to use as a tactical fire for survival. Now you can accomplish even more than our soldiers could with their concealable fire. Welcome to the Revolution. www.stealthfyre.com

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(real) environmentalist , "new" Japanese (日本人) , liberty lover , analyst ,crypto , farming enthusiast , chef with license and probably still forgetting something . *know some about occult !

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This is just in case my Twitter gets suspended and for staying connected to anyone who gets suspended from there. https://twitter.com/PmorkenX

🐦Also on Twitter. (Doesn't engage in politics)🐦 🙇‍♂️あきらめないで/Never give up!🙇‍♂ 🇨🇦 カナダ人です/I'm Canadian🇨🇦 ⚡️テクノロジーが好きです/I like tech⚡ 😃よろしくお願いします/Nice to meet you😃 🍜料理が好きです/I like cooking🍜 🇯🇵日本語学生です/I study Japanese🇯🇵

self•surroundings•society this is the order of progress. you must know and be confident in your self. then you must help those around you to learn and hone your skills. then build your society with the skills you have learned. spending time in nature is crucial to understanding you're roll on this world and I believe people have lost touch with their roots.

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Surviving the deep south in Louisiana. EDC (Everyday carry), gear reviews, city prepping, hurricane prepping, budget options, and much more. Also firearm content. 😉 Make a donation to the channel and let's grow it together. CashApp: $DeepSouthEdc

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