Cliff Garner

Christian, seminary student, professor, former teacher abroad in China and Turkey, ex-bar owner and alcoholic, ex-anarchist turned Jeffersonian liberal, musician and lover of life.
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Geopol Analyst, Contrib @JournalNEO @GIAnalytics, Media enquiries: [email protected] Supporter Mail: [email protected]

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mostly I just talk shite 👍🏻 post some pictures no malice or harm intended.. I’m not a conspiracy theorist I do however question confirmed liars

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Metalhead and cryptographer. Crypto means cryptography, not currency.

Christian, Artist, Teacher and (former) Mensan. I've been working as a professional artist since 1997. I started out working in comics as an inker, then branching out to do lettering, coloring, cover illustration, logo design, penciling, painting and art direction. Eventually, I moved over to fine art painting in Egg Tempera, Watercolor and Oils. I also owned an art gallery for 5 years, during which time I hosted 27 art shows featuring local artists. I enjoy learning and teaching almost as much as creating, and to that end I have been recording professional video tutorial series since 2010. To date I've released 16 full-length (8+ hour) tutorial series through, 2 full-length series independently, as well as many shorter ones through freelancing (directly for the companies that make the software). I have become particularly known for my teaching on how to make and tweak brushes -- as well as the many brushes I have made available to users as part of releasing these series, or directly for the software companies. I currently write a free web novel on Royal Road, work on my own personal fine art paintings and occasionally release 3D content as a PA for

Feb 2018
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