Visual Artist Lots of cleavage, but only wholesome SFW Feel free to color my linearts Subscribestar: ETH Donations: 0x355AF17e6fB4A2df8999C19744A8fD4df64b0123

Mildly good or mildly interesting

I make 2D Animation and paintings. Minds is my back up in case something happens with my main social media accounts. MOST ACTIVE: Twitter: OTHERS: Deviantart: Tumblr Instagram: VIDEOS Youtube: Vimeo: SUPPORT Ko-Fi:

I make political, cultural, and gaming videos. I shit post, rant, and argue on twitter follow me there for video uploads and tons of fun!

Graphic Designer, amateur artist and fan of the semiotic.

I’m just here to share my passion for photography. let’s support each other The opposite of war isn’t’ peace... it’s creation.

We are a small Cartoon Animation Studio in El Salvador. We love animated cartoons and learning from the best animators in the industry through interviews.

Reptilian central bitches!

Daryl Davis
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Race Reconciliator

An intrepid LDS artist & storyteller looking to find her place and bring light, laughter and lessons to a darkened, happy-needing world

Self taught artist I started drawing after watching Dragon Ball anime on SatTV in late 90s' (that was still a thing where I lived, cable TV was a luxury). Akira Toriyama style was a great inspiration to me and I would seek any available artwork to practice drawing the same thing by watching it. Magazines would be my biggest resources since the access to the internet was also very limited. These magazines would introduce me to more manga artists which drawings I also tried to copy. All to get better. Now I can draw what my imagination will let me see or whatever I will picture in my head and present it to you on this website. My dream is to release a graphic novel & code a video game, both of which a lot of people will enjoy. Better get to work! ALSO: I draw what I bloody want. You don't have to like it. Since I am not trying to get on anyone nerves & be considerate and my content still offends you there is an option just for you: Go walk a plank!

Mar 2017
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