Hello! I'm Chaos and I produce a variety of artwork. Mainly pixel art though.

Rémy Gente is a french filmmaker and art director based in Paris. From art direction to post-production, Rémy is a multidisciplinary artist who is involved in all the different steps of production. With more than 150 trailers and videos to his credit as a motion designer and art director, Rémy's experience had led him to work for clients such as FOX CABLE NETWORKS, EL REY NETWORKS and PARTIZAN FILMS for the Film and TV industry, UNIVERSAL MUSIC for the Music industry and KARL LAGERFELD and DOLCE&GABBANA for the Fashion industry. Rémy has directed music videos for several independant artists and has been nominated for BEST ART DIRECTOR and BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS at the BERLIN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS 2013. Recently, Oscar nominated producer/director Guillermo Del Toro (PACIFIC RIM, HELLBOY, PAN’S LABYRINTH) and producer/showrunner Carlton Cuse (LOST, BATES MOTEL,THE STRAIN) have commissioned from him a special animated opening title sequence for the FX Networks TV Series “The Strain” WEBSITE : MORE NEWS HERE :

Student, Extreme vocalist, a dude with shit ton of opinions.

A well fed artist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Game Developer, Gamer and anime fan. Currently playing: Final Fantasy Online Total War 3K

Art student, supreme procrastinator, part time idiot. Rabid #copics user. I try. I don't know what it is I try doing, but I try. 3ds Friend Code: 2294-4434-4449

Russian guy from Latvia. Professional artist in illustration and comics.

I'm a Washington nerd who also happens to come up with the occasional neat looking scribble from time to time. I'm currently open for commissions. If you're interested in a commission piece, feel free to contact me here or via my website listed below. My Website My RedBubble Shop

I have neither sanity nor happiness. I no longer associate myself with the many tribalistic cults of """alternatives""".

Artist, animator, student-designer. I work mostly on pixel-art. Working on a game and freelance whenever I can to not die. I'm 24 and I live in Latvia, Europe.

Sep 2016
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