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Award~Winning Visionary Artist. Voiceover Artist. Co~creator of The Infinite Imaginarium & #infiniteimaginarium #themindspanelshow
location_onBEYOND THE VEIL 馃尦馃尦馃尦

Strangely Artistic Yorkshireman, and one of the founding members of the Ayahuasca Gazebo art collective

DJ/Producer/Remixer/Sound Design Engineer Free Thinker/ Atheist /

About Me Name: Zachariah Gillespie Occupation: Bartender, Mechanic, Carpenter, Adventurer, Student of the world, Seeker of Truth Religious Views What I believe cant be studied in any single book. It has to be learned by observing the world and asking the right questions. re-connecting with life. so many people are closed off from connecting with one and other because of the differences in their religious views and social constructs. open your minds eye beyond what you were raised with. gain a broader perspective of the world. maybe by doing this you can gain a better hold of who you are as a human. not just the person you were raised to be. Lifestyle: Anarchist, Equality, Nomadic, Naturalist.

Community Resources. This is a landing page for @MindsGaming This is the original groups more may have launched.GROUPS. Community Resources (Any share or post from anyone goes here!) MindsGaming (Launching area for popular groups!) Photography & Art Writing Corner News Blogs (Any personal blog can go here) Mind Tube (You get that one right?) The Minds Panel Show (A place to share with the @MindsPanelShow) Super User Anonymous Resources Gaming @GAMERClan (For any gaming related things!) Clans (Find Clans and members for clan!) GAMER TUBE (Upload your gaming video !) Reviews (Reviews from a wide range of things!) Music Big Screen & Large Movies Think Tank Memes &

This is the official channel for Minds Radio. Minds Radio. For the Minds community!

Alex 19, UK, train enthusiast, cyclist, fighting the revolution against the globalist, patriot, waking everyone up and spreading the word

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Jun 2015
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