Ex-feminist saved by Biblical womanhood. Expose globalism. Abolish abortion. Not pc/sjw Christian. Wife Mama Traditional 💖🇺🇸⚔️
Anime, retro gaming, fitness, casual Yu-Gi-Oh player City pop, future funk, synthwave, plastic soul, regatta de blanc
I love writing Poetry
I like birdwatching, blogging, camping, canning, dancing, embroidery, floral arranging, Gardening, Jewelry making at times and mindfulness/meditation maybe more if i want to continue, I try to be unique because I am intelligent and focus on steering the course of life in a positive direction. cargo handling is my life and its a family business I cherish in - Create GOOD backlink for you website, these backlinks are truly HELPFUL for your website to improve visibility in many search engines.
Musician, Solo Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Guitar Tutor and Sometimes Savage Polemicist.
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There is hope for humanity.
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Nov 2016
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