A passionate freelance Musician, Rapper, Artist and much more from Ireland. Help support my shenanigans so I can continue to provide great music and content for my valued subscribers! Any view/like/subscription/contribution is highly appreciated 馃榿

Trader and writer. What is on my page? To be perfectly honest it will be mostly about finance, trading and making money along with some wise words (yeah right!). The link to my trading strategy guide is in the page somewhere. I will be writing more in the future. I also have a blog on wordpress that I update almost every day. I am online most days but I do have the odd day where real life gets in the way.

They call it heresy, I call it knowledge

Sick of it Productions smacking the comedy back into your Mum....and some!

Moonladies is a collection of pagan artists. Lady Moon is the high priestess with several covens under her. We have been together since 1990. Have several shops, Our on line shops Is Blessed Be )o(

Am me,and can never pretend to be another馃槏

I am here to protect Free Speech and offend snowflakes. Let the Culture War Begin. . . What do you mean I鈥檓 late to the party? Who started without me!

Hello! Me and my wife just started a scary story video series! Check it out in my posts below. If you would like to hire me for audio services:

Jun 2015
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